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Twisted cording using 4 colors

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Enlist three of your friends to help you make 4-color twisted cording for friendship bracelets or piping on projects like stockings and ornaments. You can choose your own colors and match your cording to designs or outfits. 

Materials needed: 

  • 4 colors of Kreinik Heavy #32 Braid, 1/8" Ribbon, or Medium #16 Braid or for finer cording use #4, #8,#12 or even Serica silk
  • Kreinik Custom Corder
  • 3 friends to help you


1. Measure your project to determine the length to make your trim.  Multiply that measurement times 3 to determine the total length of thread you need to cut in order to complete your trim. Cut each color that length. (i.e. for 12" trim you need four 36? lengths of thread).

2. Take one of your thread colors and tie the ends together; this forms a loop. Loop a second thread through the first loop and tie the ends of that thread. Have friend #1 stand opposite you and hand that person the second loop which should now be attached to the first loop.

3. Take the thread you are holding and slip the knotted end onto the hook of the Corder. Note: the knotted ends should always be the portion of the loop on the outside. This way it will not become part of the trim.

4. Begin twisting with the Corder. When the thread becomes so tight that it almost begins to kink, stop winding. Carefully remove the thread from the Corder, holding it tightly, and hand the end to friend #2 to hold securely.

5. Now drape another thread around the center of your twisted threads and tie the new thread's ends together. Insert the knotted end of the new looped thread onto the hook of the Corder, and begin twisting until the third thread is twisted tightly. Now let friend #3 hold that end securely.

6. Drape the fourth thread over one of the twisted threads at the intersection of your three threads and make another loop by knotting the ends. Loop the knot onto the hook of the corder and begin twisting.

7. When this fourth thread is twisted tightly, hang the Corder by its hook in the center where all of the threads intersect. Carefully collect the ends holding them together with one hand while keeping the tension on the threads by pulling down on the weight with your other hand. When all of the threads are held together and aligned at a 90 degree angle to the floor, release the weight. The threads will naturally twist forming your cord. You have now made a 4-stripe corded trim for your project.

  • Tip 1: If you want the cording to be thicker, use more than 1 strand of each color.
  • Tip 2: You can add more stripes. You just need more friends.
  • Tip 3: Beads or charms are easy to slide onto the threads before twisting.
  • Tip 4: It is easy to make faux jewelry with the corder.
  • Tip 5: This is a "kid tested" product. They love it.
  • Tip 6: Easily make belting for sweaters.
  • Tip 7: Blend different types of threads to make interesting purse handles or straps.
  • Tip 8: Make decorative cords for lanyards.

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