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Needle Selection for Cross Stitch and Needlepoint

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Choosing the proper needle is a crucial fist step when you sit down to cross stitch or needlepoint, as a needle that is too small will damage a thread and frustrate your stitching process.

The table below gives specific suggestions for choosing needle sizes to use with Kreinik metallic threads. We focus on sizes of Tapestry needles; this needle has a blunt point and is used in needlepoint and cross stitch.

Kreinik Thread Size + Suggested Needle Sizes

  • 1/8" Ribbon: Tapestry No. 18, 20, or 22
  • 1/16" Ribbon: Tapestry No 22 or 24
  • Heavy #32 Braid: Tapestry No. 18 or 20
  • Medium #16 Braid: Tapestry No. 22 or 20
  • Tapestry #12 Braid: Tapestry No. 22 or 24
  • Fine #8 Braid: Tapestry No. 22 or 24
  • Very Fine #4 Braid: Tapestry No. 24 or 26
  • Blending filament: Tapestry No. 22, 24, 26, or 28
  • Cord: Tapestry No. 24, 26, or 28
  • Cable: Tapestry No. 24, 26, or 28
  • Japan #1: Tapestry No. 24, 26 or 28
  • Ombre: Tapestry No. 22 or 24

Your needle should be large enough to properly fit the thread width, but not so large that it distorts your fabric or canvas. To avoid distorting your canvas In needlepoint, you generally use a size 22 needle on 13 or 14-mesh canvas; a size 24 on 18-mesh canvas; and a size 26 on 24-mesh canvas. In cross stitching, you generally use a size 24 on 14- or 16-count Aida; a size 26 on 18-count Aida; a size 24 on 28-count linen; and a size 26 on a 32-count linen.

Our Kreinik needle was designed specifically to be used with metallic threads, and will offer you the smoothest stitching possible. 

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