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Beaded Mosaic Mirror

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Designed by: Sue & Suzanne
Skill Level: Beginner

Kids will enjoy this creative craft project (keep the materials on hand for any snow-days when school has been cancelled), or teens can use it to make a locker mirror. Personalize the mirror with favorite colors or school colors.

Materials needed:

  • a mirror form from a craft store or discount store
  • Treasure Tape 1" roll
  • scrap papers
  • Beadlets®
  • Kreinik metallic 1/8" Ribbon and other embellishments as desired
  • shallow pan, pot or tray


1. Patch entire surface of mosaic mirror with pieces of Treasure Tape, peeling back tape's protective liner as you go.

2. With scissors, trim around heart frame to remove excess tape.

3. Tear scrap papers into small bits and adhere randomly to mirror, alternating colors. Apply other embellishments as desired.

4. Place mirror in large pan and pour Beadlets® over remaining exposed tape areas.

5. Apply ribbon around edges of mirror by adhering with trim tape.

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