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What is a Corded Braid?

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If a Kreinik Braid or Ribbon color has the letter C in it—such as 002C, or 005C—that means it's a "corded Braid" or "braided Cord." This is a special kind of fiber that requires a little extra stitching care. Let's start with the core fiber...

Kreinik Cord is a single-strand thread that has a metallic covering tightly wrapped over a core (gimp). Imagine a very thin, wire-like metallic thread that is strong enough to be used in a sewing machine but thin enough to add a clean line to designs.

This Kreinik Cord is used to make Kreinik corded braids and corded ribbons. These heavier threads carry a "C" after the color number and have a nubby, real-metal appearance. Corded Braids are increasingly being used in place of real metal threads because they closely resemble them and are less costly.

Besides being an alternative to real-metal threads, corded braids are also used in a design when you want to add a nubby texture — such as the wheel on a locomotive. While basic metallic braids give a shiny finish, the nature of a corded braid makes it more subdued and texturized, thus opening up a world of design possibilities. Imagine using Kreinik Medium #16 Braid 002C Gold alongside Cord 002C Gold, for example; you will get two different textures from the same color.

Since the core fiber is a strong, wire-like thread, a corded braid can be slightly thicker or stiffer than a basic braid. So most corded braids are couched onto the surface of a design using a matching color of Kreinik Cord as the tacking thread. If you stitch in and out of a fabric with a corded braid (rather than couch it), then simply stitch carefully, slowly, and with a larger needle to open the hole in the canvas sufficiently.

Enjoy the corded braids when you are adding different textures to make your design look more realistic or exciting. They come in different braid sizes: Tapestry #12 Corded Braid colors are about .60mm thick, while Medium #16 Corded Braid colors are slightly thicker at .81mm thick. Choose the size that suits your chosen stitch and pattern.

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