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Micro-Ice Chenille

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Kreinik’s Micro Ice Chenille is a light-reflecting, fuzzy metallic thread you couch onto fabric or canvas. This is a unique texture that adds interest, whimsy, realism and something fun to a design.

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Kreinik’s Micro Ice Chenille is a light-reflecting, fuzzy metallic thread. 

  • Content: cotton core, polyester metallic (65% polyester, 35% nylon).
  • Hand washable. Do not iron directly onto the metallic; use a press cloth.


  • Couch onto fabric or canvas (tack down with a matching color of thin thread or clear monofilament)
  • This fuzzy thread is fun when combined with other yarns in cording
  • It is not recommended that you stitch in-and-out of fabric with Micro Ice Chenille, as the thread may shred. You can use it in long stitches or couched on the surface. Make sure your needle is large enough to accommodate the thread to avoid any fraying.


  • Super fine, fingering weight
  • Needle/Hook size: 1 to 3, 2.5mm+
  • Make little wreaths with Micro Ice Chenille then attach to other designs


  • Weight/Yardage: Kreinik metallic yarns are not measured in terms of weight like wool or cotton yarns are, so measure by yard or meter. We recommend that you purchase cones.
  • Not recommended for warp
  • Care: Kreinik metallics don't felt, and are inelastic compared to some other types of yarns, so for best results, we recommend testing the threads with the weaving yarns you plan to use before beginning your project.
  • Tips from weaver Deb Essen of DJE Handwovens: 1. Pull the thread off the cone horizontally, not from the top, to avoid adding twist to the fiber. 2. Combine with other yarns (rather than use a metallic exclusively) as an accent yarn for best results ("It makes a great, fun fabric"). 3. Test how the textures work together before making your main project: make test swatches if using stretchy yarns with the inelastic metallics, for instance, then use a warm-water wash for the wet-finishing. 4. You may want to experiment with looser sett to vary drapability. 5. Play! Have fun! "I love how the colors pop in sunlight or lamplight and shimmer as the piece is moved." 

Would this product be useful in your business (ie, manufacturing, teaching, retail)? If so, you could benefit from bulk quantities at wholesale pricing. To open a wholesale account, we require a copy of your business license on file. Send a copy along with your business name and contact info to: 

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  • or fax it to 304-428-4326

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