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Peppermint Twist Pendant/Keychain

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Create a fun pendant or keychain with holiday colors using supplies found at a craft or hardware store. We used Kreinik holographic metallic thread for extra sparkle, but any Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon color will work too.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon, one spool each: 003L Robot Red, 001L Solar Silver
  • one bottle cap
  • keychain ring
  • large silver jump ring
  • washer (from the hardware store) to fit inside your bottle cap
  • Kreinik Treasure Tape 1/4" roll


  1. Cut small pieces of the double-sided Treasure Tape and place on one side of your washer. Remove the red liner to expose the top sticky areas. This will help to keep your ribbon secure as you wrap.
  2. Cut about a 24" length of 1/8" Ribbon in Silver and begin wrapping it around the washer. Leave open areas where you will fill in with the red 1/8" Ribbon.
  3. Cut about a 24" length of 1/8" Ribbon in Red and begin wrapping it around the washer, filling in the open areas to create a peppermint-candy effect. Use pieces of Treasure Tape if you need help securing the thread as you start/stop or wrap.
  4. Using Treasure Tape, adhere the washer to the inside of your bottle cap.
  5. Drill small hole in bottle cap if it doesn't already have one. Use the jump ring to connect the bottle cap to the keychain or to a necklace.

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