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How to use Kreinik Cable

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Cable is like stitching with a tiny rope. It is highly texturized, resembling a real metal thread but made of synthetic materials not real metals. Use it to add elegance to a design, and when your project has specialty stitches that can show off Cable's texture.


Crazy quilting (hand and machine), crewel, cross stitch/counted thread, costume making, doll making (hand and machine), hardanger, machine embroidery/couching, miniatures, needlepoint/canvas work, punch embroidery, ribbon embroidery (by hand and machine), stumpwork.

Hand Embroidery

This thread is ideal for creating background patterns on canvas. On fabric, it is often used for decorative stitches or outlines, as in samplers. Resembling real gold or silver, it has a classic elegance and refined line. It is too thick and stiff to use in cross stitch or tent stitch...longer stitches that can show off it's twist are better.


Kreinik Cable is hand or machine washable and dry cleanable. Cool water is recommended. Do not use bleach. It can also be tumble-dried on low setting. When ironing a finished piece containing Cable, do not iron directly on the thread; use a cloth, and do not use steam.

Tips on using Kreinik Cable in hand work:

  • Stitch slowly with Cable to achieve more control and insure uniformity in stitching.
  • Let your needle hang frequently to let the thread untwist if you have recurring problems with tangling and knotting.
  • Use short lengths of cable-about 45cm (18 inches) or less-to avoid excessive wear on the thread and for greater control (less knotting!).

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