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Tatted Twinkle Little Star

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A tatting design by Deb Holladay
Sweet simplicity: a tatted snowflake-star made with light-reflecting thread. This makes a beautiful ornament for a Christmas tree. Make several to give as gifts to nursing home patients, a sick child, or anyone who could use a simple, lovingly made inspiring star.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik Medium(#16) Braid in color 032 ( you can also use Fine (#8) Braid in 032 for a more delicate snowflake-star)
  • 20 pearl beads
  • two tatting shuttles (Deb used one areo shuttle and one tatsy shuttle)
  • size 10 or smaller crochet hook for joining if a hook is not on either shuttle
  • a needle small enough for threading the beads, but large enough to thread with the braid


Thread on the braid the 20 pearl beads. Then wind the larger shuttle. This shuttle will do most of the work. You can either clip threads or unwind from the spool of thread enough to wind the other shuttle. 

*With the shuttle with no beads, make an r of 3ds, 3p sep by 1 ds, 3ds, cl r and rw. Ch of 3 ds, 3 p sep by 3 ds, 3ds, does not rw. Pick up the shuttle with the beads on and make next ring as follows. On this next ring, slip up one bead for each r made. R of 3ds, J to last p made on the chain, 3ds, add the bead into the p, 3ds, p, 3ds, and cl r. R of 3ds, j to last r, 3ds, add the bead into the p, 3ds, p, 3ds and cl r. Repeat the last ring. This makes a cloverleaf. Switch shuttles to the one with no beads. Ch of 3ds, j to matching p of last r, 3ds, 2p sep by 3ds, 3ds rw. R of 3ds, j, 3ds, 2 p sep by 3ds, 3ds, cl and rw. Switch shuttles again. Ch of 3ds, slip a bead into the p, 3ds, Rw and switch shuttles again* Continue from " to " till you have 5 points to the star. Tie and trim the edges the way you are most comfortable.


  • R = ring 
  • Sep = separated 
  • Ch = chain 
  • Ds = double stitch 
  • Cl = close 
  • P = picot J = join 
  • RW = reverse work

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