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Recycled Cards in Crochet

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Skill Level: Beginner

If you have old Christmas cards lying around-or find a bargain on Christmas cards at a thrift store- use them to decorate everything from Christmas trees to photo albums. Here we've embellished the edges of old cards with colorful metallic thread in a basic crochet stitch.

Materials needed: 

  • Christmas cards
  • hole punch
  • Kreinik metallic thread in Tapestry #12 Braid, in your choice of colors
  • crochet hook to coordinate with your hole size and braid size


1. Cut card to desired shape or size.

2. Punch holes in outer edge of design area.

3. Using your favorite crochet stitch, crochet a border using the Tapestry #12 Braid.

4. When finished, glue onto a photo album, or use as an ornament.

Tip: use a different Kreinik Braid size to achieve a different look. The Fine #8 Braid, for example, is a thin thread and will create a "lacy" look. Medium #16 Braid is thicker, and may be easier to use for beginners or with larger crochet hooks.

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