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Miniature Wooden Guitar

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Miniature Wooden Guitar

Skill level: beginner
Time: about an hour

String a miniature wooden guitar with a fiber that is strong but thin - like Kreinik Cord. It's fine size  makes it a miniaturists best friend. Cord is available in a variety of colors including 'guitar string gray.'

Materials needed:
  • miniature wooden guitar
  • Kreinik Cord in 105C Antique Silver Cord
  • sewing needle
  • drill with small bit or something similar to poke minute holes in the wood
  • clear-drying glue
  1. Poke small holes in the arm of the guitar and at the base where the strings will be threaded through to the back.
  2. Thread your needle with the Cord, knotting one end. Bring your needle up through one of your holes from the back (the knot will keep the Cord from coming through). Lay a dab of glue along the spot where the Cord will lay. Lay your Cord and insert your needle through the directly opposite hole, laying the cord as if it were guitar string. Repeat for the number of strings in your guitar. Let it dry thoroughly.
  3. Secure all Cord ends on the back of your guitar arm by gluing the ends to the back. Let dry.

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