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Miniature Fishing Tackle Box

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Miniature Fishing Tackle Box

Skill level: beginner
Time: under an hour

Creating a doll-house-sized cabin scene? or just looking for some fishing supplies for Ken and Barbie? Making miniature fishing lures is so easy.

Materials needed:

  • small wire, paper clips etc straightened out
  • wire cutters
  • pliers or a grip to hold the wire
  • Kreinik 1/8" ribbon in "bug" colors like 032, 008, 085 etc
  • Kreinik Blending Filament in colors to match your ribbon
  • sharp sewing needle


  1. Hold a length of wire. With your pliers, curl the end of a wire to replicate a hook.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the wire just beneath the hook, with the end of the ribbon pointing away from the hook. Take your matching Blending Filament and begin to wrap around the ribbon, securing it to the hook. When secured, thread the end of the filament through your needle, then insert the needle in the ribbon to knot the filament and "tie off" the end.
  3. Trim your ribbon and fluff the end using the needle to separate the strands a little bit.
  4. Cut your wire close to the ribbon (don't cut any ribbon).
  5. Repeat to make as many lures as desired.

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