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Long Bridge Sally Pattern

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Long Bridge Sally

Designed By Dave Schmezer

Materials Needed: 

  • Hook: Mustad 79580 or 9672 : #6 - #12
  • Thread: 6/0 - Color to match
  • Head: Brass bead head of appropriate size
  • Tail: Clump of marabou with about 10 strands of Kreinik Metallic Flash In A Tube™ in a color to match the 1/6" Ribbon listed next
  • Body: Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon color suggestions: Chartreuse 015, Black 005, Star Yellow 091, Glow In The Dark Green 053F, Peacock 085 — or your choice of colors
  • Kreinik Flash In A Tube in colors similar to 1/6" Ribbon — or your choice of colors
  • Collar: 3-4 turns of folded saddle hackle or spey hackle on larger flies

Tying Directions: 

  1. Install bead head.
  2. Begin tying thread behind the bead head, wrap thread base rearward until several turns before bend of hook, then return thread forward.
  3. Tie in marabou on top of hook shank, leaving gap between the bead and marabou. Marabou Marabou should extend 1-1/2 hook gaps past bend. Be sure to trim the marabou short of the bead head. You will need room wind the hackle later.
  4. Tightly wrap thread to rear just before the bend, then return forward.
  5. Tie in 8 to 10 strands of Kreinik Metallic Flash In A Tube™ on each side. Wrap thread to rear just before the bend, then return forward.
  6. Tie in Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon on top (still leaving a gap for the hackle). Wrap thread to rear just short of bend then, return return forward.
  7. Wrap Ribbon forward and tie off just behind the bead. Add a drop of head cement to lock the ribbon in, trim excess.
  8. Tie folded saddle hackle in by the tip, behind the bead head, with five or so tight wraps.
  9. Take three-four turns of hackle, stroking the hackle back as you wrap. Tie off, secure with several whip finishes and apply head cement to wraps.

Editor's Note: Dave says that you can tie this fly in different colors and sizes to catch just about anything that swims. I agree with Dave. I have tied this pattern in Kreinik Glow In The Dark Yellow color (#054F) to catch Hickory Shad, and in Purple (#026) to catch Smallmouth Bass.

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