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Crochet Mermaid

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Design by Michele Wilcox • Skill Level:  Intermediate

Materials Needed:

  • Kreinik Medium (#16) Braid: two spools of 032 pearl, two spools 008 green, one spool 091 star yellow, one spool 094 star blue
  • Stuffing
  • Small amounts of dark pink and blue embroidery floss for embroidery accents
  • Size C crochet hook


Head and body: beg at top of head with 032 pearl braid ch 2

Rnd 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Rnd 2: inc in every sc (12)

Rnd 3: inc in every 2nd sc (18)

Rnds 4-8: sc in each sc around

Rnd 9: dec 9 times (9)

Rnd 10: sc in each sc around

Rnd 11: 9 inc’s (18), stuff head

Rnds 12-16: sc in each sc around, changing to 008 green braid at end of rnd 16

Rnds 17-21: sc in each sc around

Rnd 22: (4sc, dec) around (15) start stuffing body

Rnd 23: (3sc, dec) around (12)

Rnd 24: (2sc, dec) around (9)

Rnds 25-36: sc in each sc around, complete stuffing, do not end


Row 1: hold rnd 26 flat and sc across through both thicknesses – 5 sc, ch 1 turn

Row 2: inc in every sc (10) ch 1, turn

Row 3: inc in every sc (20) ch 3, turn

Row 4: dc in first sc, 2 dc in next sc, (2hdc) in each of next 3 sc, sc in next 3 sc, sl st in next 2sc, sc in next 3sc, (2hdc) in each of next 3sc, (2hdc) in each of next 2 sc, end, leaving 10 inches of braid. Tack this end to side of body in order to hold tail up (see photo)

Bikini top: with 094 star blue braid, ch 2 (make 2)

Rnd 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Rnd 2: sc in each sc around, join with sl st to first sc, end. Sew in place.

Neck strap: with 094 star blue braid, ch 13, end. Sew around neck to each side of bikini. Embroider a straight stitch between bikini top.

Back strap: with 094 star blue, ch 10, end. Sew around back of bikini.

Waist band: with 008 green, ch 13, sc in 2nd and each rem ch, end. Sew around waist; it will be tight to pull waist smaller.

Arm (make 2): with 032 pearl, ch 2

Rnd 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Rnds 2-10: sc in each sc around, end. Do not stuff.

Sew rnd 10 flat and sew in place. Tack hands together.


wrap 091 star yellow braid around a 6.5” piece of cardboard 20 times. Slip off cardboard, and sew to head in center, spreading to cover head using a backstitch or straight stitch. Cut the loops on each end. Then attach each side to side of head and tie tightly. Braid each side. Secure and trim ends. Embroider or tie a few small loops to center top front of head for bangs.

Use floss to embroider a French Knot eye, and pink couched or straight stitch for a mouth. Rub crayon on face for rosy cheeks. Make a loop with 032 pearl braid on the top of the head for hanging as an ornament.

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