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Location: Denver, Colorado

Chain Stitch

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Chain Stitch

Where to use it:

  • Works well as a border or outline, also to simulate a necklace
  • Detached chain can be used for flower petals, wings of bees and other insects, animal ears.  Since this stitch involves a little tacking stitch between loops, it is easier to work on an openweave fabric like linen

What to use: 

  • Kreinik braid (one strand)
  • Kreinik 1/16” Ribbon
  • Silk Mori
  • Silk Bella

How to do it: 

Follow the diagrams showing the different variations. Where you insert your needle after originally emerging from the fabric determines the length of the ’chain.’ Use your thumb if necessary to hold down the parts of the stitch as your working.

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