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Button Frame

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Button Frame designed by Treasure It

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Button Frame

Designed by: Treasure It®
Skill Level: Beginner
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

This project makes a great keepsake for a favorite activity that was mastered at summer camp or school. Any style frame can easily be embellished.

Materials needed:

  • wooden frame
  • 3/4" roll of Treasure Tape
  • Treasure Tape Dots
  • Buttons
  • Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon or #12 Braid in your choice of colors (we used 092 Star Pink)
  • Diamond Beadlets®
  • shallow pan or tray


1. Apply 3/4" Treasure Tape along side of the frame until completely covered in tape.
2. Peel back red liner to expose sticky tape.
3. Decorate with buttons by pressing them firmly onto the tape. Buttons can also be layered by using Treasure Tape Dots.
4. After buttons are added, use the metallic thread to weave in and out of design, pressing thread firmly into the tape, creating an embroidery look and feel.
5. When you are happy with your design, dip frame into a shallow container of Diamond Beadlets® to cover the remaining exposed tape.

Tips: When applying stringy embellishments like ribbon, embroidery threads and fibers to double-sided Treasure Tape, you can easily pull up the design and start again if you make a mistake or want to try a different design. When using red liner Treasure Tape it is best to cut with Teflon® coated scissors -- or use adhesive remover to wipe the residue off your

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