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Shop Needlework > Accessories > Acid-Free Tissue Paper
  • Acid-free Tissue Paper 6 Sheets

    Includes 6 sheets of archival tissue paper, 20 inches by 30 inches each. This is the safest way to store textiles and other valuables. 

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    • $6.15
  • Acid-free Tissue Paper 100 Sheets

    Includes 100 sheets of tissue paper. Archival-quality for wrapping needlework, clothing, albums and other keepsakes for storage. Each sheet is 20" x 30".

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    • $73.90
Shop Needlework > Accessories > Needles & Laying Tools
  • Komas

    Komas are square-ended wooden spools used when couching fibers onto a design surface. Wind the fiber around the Komas, which will sit on your work (and not roll off), keeping the proper tension as you couch. One package contains a set of two.

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    • $21.55
  • Needlework Bodkin
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    Needlework Bodkin

    A bodkin is a blunt, thick, flat needle with a large eye. Traditionally, it is used to draw tape or cord through a hem. It can also be used as a laying tool, to position silk threads, ribbons and other fibers neatly in stitches. Approximately three inches long, made of nickel-plated steel.

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  • Bent Weaver's Needle
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    Bent Weaver's Needle

    This unique thick needle with a large and bent point is used for both weaving ends into a weaving, knitting or crochet design, and for laying threads neatly in needlepoint and embroidery. 

    • In needlework: the bent tip to stroke your silk thread, rayon, or ribbons to lay smoothly, evenly and flatly in stitches. 
    • In knitting or crochet, can be used to sew sleeves onto a knitted or crocheted sweater. 
    • Can also be used as a darning needle in mending and repairing
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    • $1.99
Shop Needlework > Silk Threads > Silk Couching Thread
  • Silk Couching Thread

    For couching real metal threads or other embellishments onto designs or costumes. 50-meter spool.

    ONE SIZE: Available on 50-meter spools. Skip to Step 2 to select colors.

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    • $4.65