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Shopowner/Retailer Information

This section is dedicated to our shopowners to give them tips and information about Kreinik products and services.



High demand for product combined with supply, production, and staffing limitations as a result of the pandemic means that it is taking longer than normal to get your Kreinik orders. IN MOST CASES, IT IS TAKING 10 WEEKS TO FILL ORDERS We make our threads, and also rely on outside sources for things like packaging and raw materials. Every step of the manufacturing process has been affected by this unprecedented pandemic, even shipping has seen incredible delays. We were required to close for more than a month when the pandemic began, and close again for two weeks in February 2021 when staff members tested positive for Covid. We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience, and are doing everything we can to improve the situation. As more people are being vaccinated, we are able to add staff and shifts so that we can produce more thread. In addition, we are aquiring more machines to produce more thread. We greatly appreciate your business and your understanding. 

  • To speed up production of the most in-demand colors, we are only making the top 60 to 80 colors in Kreinik #4, #8, and #12 Braid lines. The colors in production can be found on those individual thread pages on our website. This is a temporary situation; we will go back to producing 200+ colors per Braid size when we are able. 
  • We cannot do rush orders
  • Orders for class materials MUST be placed SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS in advance.
  • We are not doing back orders right now.


Setting Up a Kreinik Account

As a manufacturer selling in a wholesale environment, we have established the following criteria for purchasing directly from Kreinik and/or receiving any pricing information:

1. If in the North America, the first step is to call us at 304-422-8900 (office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, USA) for a brief interview. For international customers, go to step 2.

2. The second step is to email (orders@kreinik.com), fax (304-428-4326), or mail (Kreinik Mfg. Co., Inc. Attn: Customer Service, PO Box 1966, Parkersburg WV 26102 USA) us the following:

·       A copy of your business license

·       A copy of your state sales registration

·       A copy of your business card

·       Website or Facebook site

·       A copy of your listing in an applicable resource such as telephone directory, community paper, etc.

·       Your name, shop billing & shipping addresses, email address, and a telephone number

3. When we receive this information, we will open an account for you and discuss payment options: COD, prepaid, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa), whichever you prefer. We will also send you a credit application if you want to establish terms. 

4. MINIMUM ORDERS: Your first order must be a minimum of one hundred U.S. dollars ($100.00), and thereafter, we require a minimum of fifty U.S. dollars ($50.00) per order. 

Please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative at 304-422-8900 if you have any questions about our products or about establishing an account.

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Ordering From Kreinik

In an effort to help you organize your Kreinik thread and accessory orders, the Customer Service Department has compiled the following list of steps that will be helpful in placing a correct order.

1. Write down your order, listing the threads by type (i.e. BF, #4, #8, Silk Mori®, Jaceron) before calling.

2. When you call, be prepared to give the following information:

Name Of Shop
Zip Code of Shop or Account Number
Telephone Number
Ship-to Address if different than billing
How you want the order to be shipped (rush, airmail, regular, etc.)

3. Identify the first type of thread you want to order: Blending Filament, Cord, Cable, Braid, Ribbon, Silk Mori®, Silk Serica®, etc.

4. Indicate if you want "blister packs" or "bulk packs" when ordering metallic threads. Specify which size skein or reel you need when ordering silk threads.

5. State the quantity and size (in meters) you want. Check the price list for specifics.

6. Give the color numbers.

7. Continue your order in this way until completed.

Organizing your order prior to calling Customer Service, knowing the names and quantities of kits, books, scissors, needles, etc., will improve the speed and accuracy in which your orders are taken, processed, and shipped. We strive to deliver an accurate order promptly to your shop. As always, if you have any questions, call Customer Service at 1-800-624-1928.  You can also fax your order to (304) 428-4326 or you can send them to us via email at orders@kreinik.com .

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Kreinik Distributors

In the table below is a listing of authorized distributors that carry Kreinik's products.


Fleur De Paris
8255 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
800-221-6453 (toll-free)
323-658-5857 (local)
323-658-5840 (fax)
Website:  www.fleurdeparis.com


Notions Marketing
517 Crofton Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Fax: 616-243-8055

Wichelt Imports
RR#1, Hwy. 35
Stoddard, WI 54658
Fax: 608-788-6040

Hook & Hackle Canada
Box 625 Okotoks, Alberta, Canada T1S 1A7 phone: 403-995-9551
Canada N1E 6V1
Phone 519-766-1388
Boreal North Wholesale LTD.
113 Honeysuckle Way Fort McMurray,
Alberta Canada T9K 0M7
Email: sales@borealnorthwholesale.ca Office: 780-800-5342 www.borealnorthwholesale.ca

SSS Sewing & Craft Supplies

SSS Pty Limited - Head Office

16-18 Valediction Rd, Kings Park NSW 2148, Australia

+61 2 9672 3888 7

+61 2 9831 6088 



The Stitch Company
Nieuwstraat 6, 4264 RE Veen
31 416 695 070
Fax: 31 416 695 071
e-mail: info@stitchcompany.com

63739786; 63739787   
FAX:+86-21-63739838    www.dmschina.com
E-MAIL:  jessechang@vip.163.com

Notions Marketing
1500 Buchanan S.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Fax: 616-243-8055

Kayo-Sha Co. LTD.
35 Yarai-Cho
Shinjuku, Tokyo, 162-0805 Japan
Phone:  81 3 3260 4065
Fax:  81 3 3260 4067
Email: mail@kayo-sha.com

Art Sipjasu Inc.
108-1403 ChungGu-Apt.
734 Banghakdong DobongGu,
Seoul, Korea
Phone:  011 82 234 914479
Fax: 011 82 234 924479
E-mail:  sipjasu@hanmail.net


Gela Ltd.
141400, Vladenije 13B, Vashutinskoje shosse
Chimki, Moscow area, Russia
Phone: +7(495)742-50-43
Website:  www.gela.ru
E-mail:  gela@gela.ru



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Trade Show Schedule

Want to learn more about Kreinik products?  Need a help with a project?  Want to suggest a new product?  Meet with us at a trade show!   The big buy in the middle, that's Doug Kreinik, owner of Kreinik Mfg. Co.  He travels to all of our tradeshows and loves to share his knowledge & love for threads and creativity.

2021 Show and Events Schedule

No trade shows this year


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Kreinik Order Form

You will need Microsoft Excel to use this document. Both metallic and silk lines are included. Click here to access.


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kreinik gravity rackDisplay Racks

Kreinik Gravity Rack
This exciting new display is perfect for shops selling loose spools of Kreinik Metallic Threads, Silk Serica® or Silk 
Bella™. The New Kreinik Gravity Rack is lightweight, inexpensive & easy to assemble. The unit has 6 levels, comprised of 18 trays that have 3 product slots each.  That's a total 54 slots for your SKU's.  This stylish unit allows the colors of the Kreinik Threads in them to be seen from a distance, and the gravity feed system self merchandises the spools when a spool is removed.
The display can be stacked, hooked on a pegboard or slatwall display, or used as a countertop unit. A white cardboard strip is included for each level so you can use labels to identify the Kreinik colors displayed in your unit.  The trays can be easily removed to allow for inventory and restocking.

Each Gravity Rack comes with a full color sign.  You can specify if you want a Metallic, Silk or Iron-On Thread Sign. The display dimensions are 21 1/2" w x 18" h x 7" deep.

multi rack displayLooking to save space?  Naythons Display Fixtures has a Gridwall Gondolier (pictured right) available that can hold up to 12 Kreinik Gravity Racks!  What an impressive display.  Visit www.naythonsdisplay.com to order them.  Thanks Tony from Fireside sharing this with us.

For this display you will need to order:
1 each  D-310 Gondola Gridwall Merchandiser, Black
4 each  Heavy Duty Wheels









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Kreinik Planograms & Display Labels

We've made setting up your gravity rack easier.  Just call us at 1-800-624-1928 and we will have the labels you need sent to you.

Tassell Ring
Finally...a great sales tool to let your customers feel and see the difference between Kreinik’s Blending Filament, Braids, Ribbons, Cord, Cable and Ombre. The Metallic Tassel Ring helps your customers easily choose the appropriate thread for their projects and collections. Whether you sell blister packs or bulk reels, keep the tassel ring near the Kreinik display in your store. It’s also a great reference tool for designers and teachers.

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Ordering Supplies for Classes; Have you done your homework?

One of the most effective methods for increasing store profits is to conduct workshops. If you are already conducting classes on a regular basis, congratulations on being such a resourceful business person. If you have been thinking about scheduling workshops at your store, we encourage you and offer our support.

One of the keys to conducting smooth-running and pleasurable workshops is to make sure all the materials necessary to complete the project are on hand. Kreinik offers the following tips for ordering class supplies.

For your own peace of mind and to guarantee that you have all the materials necessary please order at least one month in advance. This "lead time" will ensure that all items will arrive in time to be checked in before the first day of class. Advertise your class 2 months before the scheduled start date. Order for those students who have signed up and a few extras for "last-minute" participants.

We need to be aware of any orders that are especially for classes so that you receive all items on time. Inform Kreinik Customer Service if you want to select a special carrier and class of service to ensure timely delivery.

If you know that you’ll be teaching a particular project several times throughout the year please notify our customer service department. You can order materials on an as-needed basis but at least we will be able to reserve particular quantities for dye lot consistency. Also, educational information such as brochures & reference sheets are available. Simply ask Customer Service to include this information with your order.

If your class project requires 2 meter "cuts" of 5-10 silk colors, consider buying standard skeins and cutting up strands for each student versus purchasing mini skeins of all colors for each student. Kreinik also offers a variety of pre-packaged kits that are ideal for workshops. Call Customer Service or see the Kreinik price list.


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Special Orders - An "Ace Up The Sleeve."

In our day-to-day business, we understand that it is all we can do to keep up with the inventory, find space for new product and still be able to service our customers and let them know they are the most important part of our day. (Thank goodness for customers!)

How many of you have had to say to your customers "We don’t carry that," or "We do not stock that color?" If you have said this, you have lost a sale which is something you cannot ever afford to do. Fortunately, retailers have "An Ace Up Their Sleeves" which allows them to increase sales and more importantly, service the customers without added expense!! Some retailers already use this business technique while others do not. This "Ace Up The Sleeve" is to "SPECIAL ORDER" select products.

There are several ways to successfully utilize "SPECIAL ORDERS" without any risk of accumulating merchandise that you do not currently carry.

(1) Make your customers aware that you will "SPECIAL ORDER" with certain guidelines.

(2) Always require a non-refundable deposit for at least 50% of the retail value of the goods. This policy requirement protects you if the customer fails to return to the store to pick up their order.

(3) Advertise this service to your customers. Inform them how easy it is for you to get the products they want by simply giving you advance notice.

(4) Under normal circumstances, "SPECIAL ORDERS" are considered difficult to order because of minimum order requirements. This is simplified by adding them to your normal store inventory orders. However, for customers who already purchase from Kreinik we offer a very low minimum reorder of $50.00.

Take a few minutes to consider the pros and cons of "SPECIAL ORDERS". We think you will find that the rewards of keeping happy customers will far outweigh any reluctance to make your shop the most frequently visited by the ever searching consumer who needs a product that requires a special order.


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When the holidays approach, stitchers will be busy making ornaments, stockings, and other decorations for gifts or for their own homes. This is a great time to get them into your store for supplies, projects, and in-store help. A great way to build sales is through in-store demonstrations.  Offer in-store demo's using Kreinik Custom Corder™, Mini Iron, Iron-On Threads, Treasure It Beads & Tape to help your customers finish their projects.

Telling them about it isn't enough!  A demo gives the customer a grasp of exactly how to use a product when they witness a demo.  Ideas begin to fly through their heads with all of the uses for these products.

Offer an evening of "Finishing." Have your customers bring in their ornaments, stockings, or other projects and help them pick out threads to make the trim to go around the stitched piece. Show them how to use the Kreinik Custom Corder™, and how to attach the trim to the project (couching with a corresponding color of Kreinik Cord or a clear, thin thread). 

If your store offers framing and finishing services for customers, use the Kreinik Custom Corder™ to make professional trims. Kreinik Heavy (#32) Braid, Medium (#16) Braid, 1/8" Ribbon and offer a good thickness for an ornament. Combine one or more different colored threads for variety, and use a silk thread such as Silk Serica for added elegance.  Kreinik's iron on threads & Treasure It Beads & Tape can also be used to embellish the mats of the piece they are framing.

If you don't have the time to run a demo, but have a computer in your store, direct your customers to watch our videos.  We are adding videos monthly with demonstrations on using Kreinik Threads in various projects like making trims using the custom corder or making a card with our iron-on threads.  Just go to www.kreinik.com/shops/How-To/.


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Store Merchandising

Stand back and look at your store merchandise displays. What do you see? If you see coordinating merchandise in the aisles, which allows your customers to successfully find everything they need to complete a project, you are probably doing a lot of things right. Unfortunately, this is not the case in some stores. Combining a selection of product that effectively sells takes planning.

Planograms tell a story. By definition, "Planogram" simply means grouping together merchandise as an effective selling tool. They are a good way to organize your store. By assigning a certain amount of space to display a product line, you achieve visual fulfillment and shopping ease for your customer. How the product is displayed determines how well it sells … or doesn’t sell.

Whether you are planning to open a new store or just want to give your store a "facelift", Kreinik offers a variety of planogram programs that will assist you in displaying Kreinik Metallic Threads, tassel rings, color cards, and leaflets and will reward you with the best return for your dollar invested.

Each planogram has been carefully selected to make your display of threads contain the top selling colors and thread sizes that will best suit your specific market, whether it be focused on cross stitch, needlepoint, quilting or machine sewing. We will provide free educational information for your customers when they come to your shop searching for those ever popular metallic threads. 

Learning about the "Rewards of Planograms" is simply a telephone call away. Call us toll free at 1-800-624-1928 today so that we can help you create an effective merchandising display. You can create a "one-stop shop" for all of your customers’ Kreinik product needs.

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