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Wired beaded anklet

Wired beaded anklet
Wired beaded anklet

Wired beaded anklet

Designed by Linda Lindgren

Kreinik Wired Braid™ is a metallic thread with a wire insert - it's soft and flexible, but keeps its shape better than a non-wired thread. It's perfect for making macrame-style jewelry like this. Add any beads you have leftover from another project, and you have a fun accessory to wear out on the town.

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik Wired Braid in 002 Gold
  • six large beads, mixed designs in gold and black, or your choice of colors
  • 17 small gold "donut" beads
  • one large decorative button with shank, gold and black or your choice of color
  • scissors, white glue


  1. Dip ends of Wired Braid into white glue, smoothing fibers into a point for ease in threading through beads. Allow to dry.
  2. Fold Wired Braid in half and string one small donut bead to center of fold. Tie one over-hand knot against bead, holding both strands of wire together.
  3. Measure approximately 1-inch from knot and tie one over-hand knot. This loop will wrap over the button to secure the bracelet.
  4. Hold both strands of wire together and thread through one donut bead, one large bead and one donut bead, bringing beads snug against over-hand knot, tie an over-hand knot against the bead. Measure 1/2-inch from knot and tie another over-hand knot. Continue adding large beads and donut beads, securing with knots, using five beads and ten donut beads.
  5. Measure 1/2-inch from last bead and tie a knot. Thread wire through bead shank and secure with a knot against button shank.
  6. Divide wires, thread a donut bead on one wire, tie knot against bead. Repeat three more times using four donut beads. Hold wires together and thread one donut bead, one large bead, one donut bead. Tie ends of wire in a large knot and weave ends back through large bead, trimming ends as needed.

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