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Wired Thread Jewelry Technique

Wired Thread Jewelry Technique

Wired Thread Jewelry Technique

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

Hand-made jewelry is just about the "coolest" thing around. Whether you're a teen, a mom with kids, a professional businesswoman, grandma, or free spirit of any age, wear your art out! It's showing your personal style, color, and confidence. If you've never made your own jewelry, here's a fun project to get you started. Visit a craft or bead store for the wire and tools. Visit a needlework store (check out our online Store Locator) for the Kreinik braid.

Colored wire can be used for a variety of projects, from scrapbooking to jewelry. This technique allows you to take any kind of wire and customize with whatever color of Kreinik braid you desire.


  • 22 gauge wire (copper, silver, etc)
  • Kreinik #32 Braid in desired color

1. Insert the end of your wire into the end of your thread.
2. Holding the thread loosely, push the wire into the center of the thread. If the wire catches or pokes through the braid, pull back a little and reposition it.
3. Continue pushing your wire in until you have the length you need. Secure the ends either by wrapping with tape, with jewelry adhesive, or by wrapping over with the end of your wire.
4. Use your thread-covered wire to make shapes, words, or designs.  Attach pin backs or other jewelry findings as desired.

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