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Trick or Treating Bag

Trick or Treating Bag
Trick Or Treating Bag
Designed by Jeanette Vanetta
Skill Level:  Intermediate

Makethis easy tote bag for the little trick-or-treater in your life to use onOctober 31. It uses Kreinik's fun glow-in-the-dark threads.

Glow-in-the-darkthreads will glow when exposed to direct light. However, they should not berelied upon for safety-rated reflective material. Instead, have your child wearreflectors, a flashlight, or similar safety device to make the child visible todrivers at night.  

Materials needed:

  • Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon in 054F Lemon-Lime (21 yards), 051F Tangerine (21 yards), and 052F Grapefruit (11 yards)
  • Kreinik Medium (#16) Braid in 053F Lime (3 yards)
  • 3 sheets 7-count black plastic canvas
  • 1/2 sheet 7-count clear plastic canvas
  • 21.5 yards black plastic canvas yarn
  • hot glue gun recommended by the designer for attaching letters and spider


Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print this file. If you have trouble downloading this file and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to:  Trick Or Treating Bag, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.