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Snowflake Needlepoint Ornament

Snowflake Needlepoint Ornament
Snowflake Needlepoint Ornament
Snowflake Needlepoint  Ornament

Stitched by Jeanne Becker for Lee's Needle Art

We love Lee's Needle Art for their needlepoint painted canvases and the leather goods to finish the projects. No need to send your project out to a finisher, and wait possibly months for the finished project, when you can do the finishing easily and quickly. This needlepoint canvas snowflake fits perfectly into Lee's silver leather ornament frame.

This project features Kreinik's holographic blue metallic thread color and hot-fix crystals as embellishments.

Materials needed:

  • Lee's Needle Art canvas BJ110
  • Kreinik Fine #8 Braid in 033L Royal Blast (3 spools), and 032 Pearl (1 spool)
  • Lee's Needle Art ornament BAG28S/Silver
  • 5mm hot-fix crystal embellishments - color "crystal"
  • home iron, craft iron or hot-fix crystal applicator

BACKGROUND: Kreinik Fine #8 Braid 033L Royal Blast in basketweave stitch
SNOWFLAKE: Kreinik Fine #8 Braid 032 Pearl in basketweave stitch


  1. Block canvas if needed to restore shape.
  2. Cut off excess selvage leaving 2 canvas threads.
  3. Carefully remove the paper from the cutoff portion of the ornament holer, leaving the sticky layer in place.
  4. Place the stitched needlepoint canvas into the sticky layer.
  5. Make fine adjustments if necessary and glue down the edges to the opening of the needlepoint edge. A plastic knife or popsicle stick is a handy way to apply the glue. Just don't apply too much glue.
  6. After applying to the holder, attach the 5mm hot-fix crystals to each edge of the snowflake according to the directions on the applicator.

Lee's Needle Art canvases and leather goods are available in needlework stores. For more information, visit http://www.newleesneedlearts. com/

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