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Micro-ice Chenille

Micro-ice Chenille
Use the large Kreinik bobbin Nature inspires our colors Krayfish using Micro Ice Chenille A color for every fly tying project Green Butt Skunk Close up of gold Micro Ice Chenille Micro Ice Chenille for body work Great copper shade of Micro Ice Chenille Braided Bitch Creek by Harry Steeves Close up of red and green Micro Ice Chenille All colors can be seen on the Kreinik Color Card

Kreinik’s Micro Ice Chenille is a light-reflecting, crystal-type chenille. It is one-half the size of regular ice chenille and can be used as a body wrap on small hooks.


  • Not affected by saltwater or epoxy finishes. 
  • Use in saltwater patterns such as shrimps or Crazy Charlies.
  • In freshwater flies, it's perfect for forming Woolly Bugger bodies and nymph thoraxes on stoneflies.
  • The Peacock color (affectionately known as peacock herl on steroids) is an excellent replacement for peacock herl. Use it wherever peacock herl is to be used as a body wrap, such as Zug Bugs, Prince nymphs, Renegades and Picket Pins.
  • It is sturdy enough to be used in a single strand and does not have to be reinforced with ribbing.
  • Want to create more color options? Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille readily accepts dyes such as Rit®. All you need is a lukewarm water bath and some dye. Best results are achieved using Opal or Pale Yellow.
Our price: $3.69
Black - MIC0005 Pink - MIC0007 Emerald Green - MIC0009
MIC0005 MIC0007 MIC0009
Chartreuse - MIC0015 Holiday - MIC0020 Copper - MIC0021
MIC0015 MIC0020 MIC0021
Citron - MIC0028 Pearl - MIC0032 Garnet - MIC0080
MIC0028 MIC0032 MIC0080
Peacock - MIC0085 Pale Yellow - MIC0091 Mallard - MIC0850
MIC0085 MIC0091 MIC0850