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Camp Projects

Camp Projects
Camp Projects

Designed by Treasure It
Skill Level:  Beginner

Time for summer camp!

Summer is a great time to craft with your kids. They’ve got theenergy, interest, and time. Here are a few ideas for adding a creativeand homemade touch to camp this year. Decorate with beads, tape and thread,and you’ll have as much fun as your kids!

How to start
• Get your bead, thread and tape supplies here at www.kreinik.com.
• 8” x 10” Red-liner Treasure Tape
• 1-inch roll Red-liner Treasure Tape
• tube of Diamond Beadlets
• Mrs. K’s Dimensional Threads in purples, pinks, blues, greens

Gear up before camp
Before they go to camp, the kids can decorate and personalize their basic gear (alarm clocks, hairbrushes, backpacks even lip gloss and small tin containers). Decorate these items with red-liner double-sided tape, threads and beads — everyone will know who owns the colorful gear. Haveyour child pick a favorite color thread (like purple), and decorate allof their camp stuff with that thread.

Make a “Care Package” for your child
Get a cool organizer and fill it with a variety of projects, from bunk activities to birthday party crafts (for those away during theirbirthdays) to stationery kits.


Organizer idea: Embellished Tote Bag (orange bag pictured above)

Embellish a plain tote bag from a discount store. Lay an 8” x 10” piece of double-sided Treasure Tape on the bag,  cover with a sheet of your child’s own artwork (or your artwork) the same size or smaller, then lay another sheet of Treasure Tape on top. Remove the red liner to expose the sticky part, and embellish with threads, buttons, and beads. Write your child’s name, or “Art Camp” or another message with a paint pen.pens

  Activity idea: Personalized Pens

For this project, the child simply takes a pen, wraps it in redliner double-sided tape and proceeds to decorate with everything fromthreads to beads to rhinestones to silk flowers or other small embellishmentsthat you find. Make up little kits that contain all decorative bits, threads, and tape. Your kids can invite new camp friends to decorate with them.


button frame Memory crafts after camp

With all the pictures taken at camp, build a fun project for your child around the whole theme of “Memories.”  Buy an unfinished wooden frame at a discount or craft store, then embellish it with red-linerdouble-sided tape, beads, flowers, threads, buttons and more. Your childmay want to make a frame for each friend or counselor from camp. Whata special gift!  

Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the FREE program Adobe Reader to view and print thisfile. If you have trouble downloading this file and would like us tosend you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Camp Projects, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.