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Button Block

Button Block

Button Block

Designed by: Jim Cargo
Skill Level: Beginner Time: Fast!

Quick Idea: Make button pillows in Christmas colors for seasonal gifts

Here's a fast, low-sew project that's fun, easy, and looks expensive. Simply embellish buttons using metallic threads and cords; the secret's in the double-sided tape. Kids will love making cords and embellishing the buttons too.

Materials needed:

  • Treasure Tape circles
  • Kreinik Custom Corder
  • Kreinik Medium #16 Braid in your choice of colors (we used red, green and gold)
  • Kreinik metallic 1/16" ribbon in your choice of colors (we used 015 Chartreuse and 002J Japan Gold)
  • buttons in various sizes
  • sewing thread and needle
  • fabric block, quilt, or pillow
  • optional: diamond beadlets, flat-backed cabochons


1. Make cording using Kreinik metallic threads and the Kreinik Custom Corder, following instructions that come with the corder. You don't need to make cords that are very long; just long enough to cover your buttons.

2. Lay pieces of Treasure Tape on your buttons. You may need to trim any tape that overlaps your buttons.

3. Working one button at a time, remove the red liner to expose the top sticky area, and begin decorating with your threads and cords. Some ideas: - lay cords made with the Corder in a circular shape - lay 1/16" Ribbon or #16 Braid in single colors on the button, then use scraps of Treasure Tape to lay a smaller button or cabochon on top in the center - attach a single cabochon to the center of your button, then cover remaining sticky areas with clear Diamond Beadlets

4. When button decorating is complete, sew your buttons onto your fabric block and finish edges if needed by adding binding or hemming.

Alternate finishing ideas: - sew buttons onto a pillow for a contemporary home decor design. - sew buttons in a shape (like a tree shape, using all green thread colors) or initial

Printing Instructions:

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