News - A Mesage from Doug Kreinik

  • "Many apologies for the length of time it is taking to fill orders right now. We were closed during the early days of the pandemic, which put us behind, and now we have a smaller crew due to the pandemic. We are shipping as fast as possible, running our thread-making machines 15+ hours a day, with staff working overtime. Thank you so much for your patience. Regards, Doug Kreinik"

Cross Stitch Christmas

  • Stitch a festive holiday project using Kreinik threads. Check out our Cross Stitch Christmas Collection

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New Colors for Needlepoint

  • 'We are busy making our new colors for your needlepoint projects. Pick Very Fine #4 Braid for backgrounds, or Fine #8 Braid and Tapestry #12 Braid for 18-count canvas. Want a flat look? They come in 1/16" Ribbon too.

Classic Freebie

  • Enjoy this fun summer cross stitch pattern, created by Frank and Judy Bielec of Mosey N Me for Kreinik fans. Stitch it to honor the creativity and positivity the Bielecs shared with everyone. RIP Frank, we will miss you forever.

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Kreelex Fly

  • We want to express our love and appreciation for one of the great men of the fly fishing world: Chuck Kraft, who passed away earlier this month after a battle with cancer. Chuck created the famous Kreelex lure, made entirely of Kreinik Flash, which has become one of the most popular lures of all time.
  • Click here to get the instructions for the original Kreelex.
  • See our January interview with Chuck here: Visit our Instagram Page


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