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Silk Serica®

Silk Serica®

Kreinik Silk Serica® is a 3-ply twisted filament silk, which means it has a beautiful bright sheen. Use it as you would a pearl cotton (it's about the size of a pearl cotton #5), or separate it and use as a flat silk (a slightly damp cosmetic sponge can help remove the ripples). Serica is a truly versatile and gorgeous thread for needlepoint (ideal coverage on 18-count canvas), embroidery, crazy quilting, Hardanger, and other fiber arts. Dry clean for the best care.

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  • Silk Serica

    This 3-ply, twisted filament silk gives you luminous texture and rich color. Use it as is, straight from the reel as a twisted silk, or separate the strands and use as a flat silk.

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  • How to use Kreinik Silk Serica®

    Silk Serica® can be used as is, straight from the reel, as a 3-ply twisted filament silk. It can also be separated and used as a flat silk. Made of 100% pure filament silk, the sheen is so rich and bright, it instantly turns any design into a work of art. Perfect in heirloom projects and designs focusing on different textures.

    The most important tip to remember when working with Silk Serica: moisturize your hands with a non-greasy hand cream. This will keep the filament silk from snagging on rough spots. 

    See Description below for more tips and usage ideas.

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