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Color Card & Color Chart

Color Card & Color Chart

A must-have reference for any embroiderer, costume designer, decorator, restoration and conservation specialist, fiber artist and mixed-media creator. 

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  • Kreinik Silk Thread Color Card

    See 150+ beautiful silk colors of Mori, Serica, and Bella for your next project (actual thread swatches, not photos). Includes the popular Milkpaint colors.

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  • Alternate skin color choices

    Personalize a design by stitching faces and bodies in particular skin tones. The following are suggestions for popular "flesh" color choices and hair color choices of Kreinik Silk Mori®. Explore the whole palette of Mori colors for more variations in skin tones.


    • palest shade - 7133 Light Bark 
    • light shade - 7134 Medium Bark
    • medium shade - 7135 Medium Dark Mocha
    • lightest hair shade - 7136 Dark Mocha
    • medium hair shade - 7166 Dark Brown Black
    • dark hair shade - 8050 Black 


    • palest shade - 0903 Light Cinnamon 
    • light shade - 0743 Light Oystershell
    • medium shade - 0724 Medium Wheat
    • lightest hair shade - 7136 Dark Mocha
    • medium hair shade - 7166 Dark Brown Black
    • dark hair shade - 8050 Black 


    • palest shade - 0704 Medium Buttermilk
    • light shade - 0903 Light Cinnamon
    • medium shade - 7024 Antique Parchment
    • lightest hair shade - 7136 Dark Mocha 
    • medium hair shade - 7166 Dark Brown Black 
    • dark hair shade - 8050 Black 


    • palest shade - 3021 Sherbet 
    • light shade - 9032 Lightest Neutral Flesh
    • medium shade - 9034 Medium Neutral Flesh
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  • Silk Thread Conversion Charts

    Convert designs from cotton floss or other threads to Kreinik silk threads. Click on one of the links below to view and print our silk thread conversion charts. 

    Find the closest match for DMC to Kreinik Silk Mori®
    DMC Cotton Floss to Kreinik Silk Mori® Conversion Chart

    Find the closest match for Anchor to Kreinik Silk Mori®
    Anchor Cotton Floss to Kreinik Silk Mori® Conversion Chart

    Find the closest match for Pearsalls Silk to Kreinik Silk Mori®
    Pearsalls Silk to Kreinik Silk Mori Conversion Chart

    Find the closest match for Soie d'Alger to Kreinik Silk Mori®
    Soie d' Alger Floss to Kreinik Silk Mori® Conversion Chart

    Find the closest match for Pearl Cotton to Kreinik Silk Serica®
    Pearl Cotton to Kreinik Silk Serica® Conversion Chart

    Find the closest match for Pearl Cotton to Kreinik Silk Bella™
    Pearl Cotton to Kreinik Silk Bella™ Conversion Chart

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  • How to pick a primitive color palette

    Have you been thinking about using silk threads for a sampler? It is a good choice; silk was the thread most often used in sampler stitching over the last few centuries. It is strong, easy to use, and has a beautiful sheen. 

    Kreinik Silk Mori (a floss), Silk Serica (a pearl-cotton-size), and Silk Bella (a super-fine size) are three different weight, or sizes, of silk thread available from Kreinik. You can get them on standard sized spools or large cones/skeins. They come in more than 175 colors. To some, 175 colors may not sound like enough. To others, especially those just starting to use silk, it's overwhelming. No problem; here we will show you how to get started:

    1. If you're new to stitching with silk, start with Kreinik Silk Mori. It's a floss, similar to cotton embroidery floss, and very easy to use. We will focus on Silk Mori in this article. 
    2. Get a silk color card and use it to match silk colors to an antique sampler. Then once you have your list, you can order just what you need. 
    3. OR, pick a starter thread assortment like one of our Silk Home Decor Collections. You get a small collection of silk colors with minimal investment. The "antique" set is particularly synonymous with the primitive look, but you can also go with a brighter group if you prefer. 
    4. Narrow the 175 down to primitive, shaker, antique, or "sampler" style colors (see the list below) Print a copy and keep it handy for checking off your stash purchases. 
    5. Look for "half-skeins", or 2.5-meter skeins to start your collection. Half-skeins are cheaper, have about 3 yards of silk in each skein, and are a nice way to start a collection. 
    6. The Milkpaint collection of Silk Mori is made up of primitive colors, designed to replicate the milk paint popular during colonial times.  These colors aren't listed below, but you can find them on this website. All of the Milkpaint color range (the color numbers begin with "0" as in 0104.
    7. Choose the colors listed below in Silk Mori for cross stitch, applique, and hand embroidery:
    • 1093 Light Wood Violet
    • 1094 Medium Wood Violet
    • 1096 Dark Wood Violet
    • 1098 Wood Rose
    • 1119 Garnet
    • 2014 Medium Gold
    • 2016 Dark Gold
    • 2017 Very Dark Gold
    • 3063 Light Henna
    • 3065 Dark Henna
    • 4074 Medium Dusty Green
    • 4076 Dark Dusty Green
    • 4077 Very Dark Dusty Green
    • 4203 Light Sage
    • 4204 Medium Sage
    • 4206 Dark Sage
    • 4212 Lightest Avocado
    • 4215 Medium Dark Avocado
    • 4216 Dark Avocado
    • 5057 Very Dark Slate Blue
    • 5107 Very Dark Cerulean
    • 6123 Light Dusty Lavender
    • 6124 Medium Dusty Lavender
    • 6216 Dark Dusty Lavender
    • 6127 Very Dark Dusty Lavender
    • 6204 Medium Dusty Plum
    • 6205 Dark Dusty Plum
    • 6207 Very Dark Dusty Plum
    • 7012 Lightest Lead Grey
    • 7014 Medium Lead Grey
    • 7024 Antique Parchment
    • 7025 Parchment
    • 7086 Dark Straw
    • 7087 Very Dark Straw
    • 7126 Ecru
    • 7134 Medium Bark
    • 7135 Medium Dark Mocha
    • 7136 Dark Mocha
    • 7166 Dark Brown Black
    • 7173 Light Honey
    • 7174 Medium Honey
    • 7175 Medium Dark Honey
    • 7183 Light Sable
    • 8050 Black
    • 8075 Medium Dark Charcoal
    • 8077 Very Dark Charcoal
    • 8086 Dark Gray

    Don't be intimidated by silk threads; stitchers have been using it successfully for centuries. Your fingers will be spoiled by its softness, your mind will be impressed at its strength and durability, and your eyes will delight at the beautiful, natural sheen. For the price of a small skein of silk, it's worth a try.

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