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Kreinik Braids: Uses and Care

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Uses depend on the thickness of the Braid but include: blackwork, cosplay, crazy quilting, crewel, crochet, cross stitch/counted thread, doll making, fly fishing, hardanger, kids crafts, knitting (by hand), lace making, machine embroidery/bobbin work, machine embroidery/couching, miniatures, needlepoint, plastic canvas, punch embroidery, quilting, ribbon embroidery, serging, silk gauze/Polysil, smocking, stumpwork, tatting, weaving.

Braids are available in several metallic types or effects: Basic (no letter in the color number), Hi lustre (HL), Glow-in-the-dark (F), Vintage (V), Holographic (L), and Corded (C). 

Material Content

100% polyester (holographic colors), 65% polyester/35% rayon (regular colors), 62% polyester/38% nylon (hi lustre colors), 64% polyester/36% nylon (vintage colors), 80% polyester/20% nylon (glow in the dark colors)


Kreinik Braids are hand or machine washable and dry cleanable. Cool water is recommended. Do not use bleach. They can also be tumble-dried on low setting. When ironing a finished piece containing Kreinik Braids, do not iron directly on the thread; use a cloth, and do not use steam. 

Hand Embroidery

  1. Kreinik Braids are used alone rather than combined with another thread type in the needle. 
  2. Use them to recreate the color and texture of nature and life, such as glistening snow, luminescent butterflies, glowing moons and stars, polished black leather shoes, shimmering fish or sea life, and more. 
  3. You can also use their light-reflecting properties to create mood in a design; imagine the radiant stardust of an angel, the magical shimmer of a mermaid, or the crystalline coating of a winter's snowfall. 
  4. Of course, you can also use the metallic braids just to bring sparkle, depth, texture and visual interest to any project, whether it is worked in crochet, cross stitch, canvas work, crewel, or embroidery. 
  5. Don't be afraid of adding a light source in a design and replacing a cotton or wool thread for a metallic thread; the effect of combining different thread textures can be more visually exciting than a design worked in a single thread type. With these braids, your creative possibilities are endless.

Machine Embroidery

  1. Kreinik Braids offer colorful, textured embellishment options, but are best used in bobbin work. The thicker Braids can be couched; to make it easiest, get a Couching Foot for your machine.
  2. Experiment with tension settings, needles, machine feet and thread set-ups until you get a combination that works for your machine and fabric. 
  3. Using decorative threads with a sewing machine may take a little extra time, but the colors and textures won't disappoint you in the finished project. They can create award-winning, memory-making, dynamic visual effects.


  1. You can use Kreinik Braids in the warp or weft. 
  2. They add gorgeous texture and light. 
  3. The smaller the Braid number, the lighter weight the thread: #4 and #8 are lace/fingering weight, #12 is superfine/fingering, #16 is superfine/baby, #24 Braid is fine/light, #32 Braid is light.
  4. Kreinik metallics don't felt, and are inelastic compared to some other types of yarns, so for best results, we recommend testing the threads with the weaving yarns you plan to use before beginning your project. 
  5. You may want to experiment with looser sett to vary drapability. Basic colors (no letter in the color number) tend to be softer. 
  6. Weight/Yardage: Kreinik metallic yarns are not measured in terms of weight like wool or cotton yarns are, so measure by yard or meter. 
  7. For weaving we suggest purchasing cones rather than small spools. 
  8. SETT info available by request.

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