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How to calculate thread amount

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For cross stitch or needlepoint

The following offers guidance for determining how much thread you may need to stitch your project. Knowing exactly how much thread you will need for a project is not an exact science. There are many factors that vary from project to project and stitcher to stitcher.

This info comes from stitchers who provided us with the information based on their projects. Stitching techniques and tension may vary from person to person, so you may want to stitch an inch or stitch a test area and calculate how much thread was required. Then use that measurement to guesstimate on your project area. We suggest adding an additional 10% to 20% to include a margin of error (variances in stitch techniques, whether you have to rip out, how much thread is used to start and stop, etc)

Keep in mind that specialty stitches take extra thread, so the comments below are only for Tent Stitch or the Cross Stitch. 

  • NEEDLEPOINT: The formula for yardage calculation for TENT STITCH is The square inches to be worked x 1.5 = thread yardage needed. That is based on using 1.5 yards to complete a 1” square. So, calculate the square inches of the area you are stitching and multiply it times 1.5 to get the amount of thread in yards that you need.
  • CROSS STITCH: On 18 count Aida, it took 95 inches of Very Fine #4 Braid to stitch a 1-inch square.
  • CROSS STITCH: On 18-count Aida, it took 98 inches of Fine #8 Braid to stitch a 1-inch square 
  • CROSS STITCH: On 14 count Aida,  it took 75 inches of Very Fine #4 Braid to stitch a 1-inch square
  • CROSS STITCH: On 14-count Aida, it took 78 inches of Fine #8 Braid to stitch a 1-inch square

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