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The Braid number indicates size; the smaller the number, the smaller the thread. Very Fine #4 Braid is the thinnest, and Heavy #32 Braid is the thickest. They are used straight off the reel as is, not separated or plied. Meant to be used as a single strand; if you need thicker coverage, go up a Braid size. Fine #8 Braid, for instance, is twice as thick as Very Fine #4 Braid. Medium #16 Braid is twice as thick as Fine #8 Braid. 

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B045009S Very Fine #4 Braid
  • $4.60
B085012-O Fine #8 Braid
  • $5.05
B125012-O Tapestry #12 Braid
  • $6.55
B165003/O Medium #16 Braid
  • $6.55
SKU43032 Canvas #24 Braid
  • $4.35
B32021005S Heavy #32 Braid
  • $5.15
B160001W/O Wired Braid
  • $4.50
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Products: 112 of 13