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Blending Filament Threading Technique

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Since this is a thin, tinsel-like thread, knot Blending Filament onto your needle for greater control, whether you are using Blending Filament alone or combined with another thread type in one needle. Note: This technique can also be used with Kreinik Cable, Cord, Ombre & Japan Thread #1.

First, cut the required length of Blending Filament and fold about 2 inches (5 cm) from one end.
Insert the loop through the eye of the needle and pull the loop over the needle's point.

Tighten the loop at the end of the eye to secure the thread to the needle.

Gently stroke the knotted thread once to 'lock' in place.


Note: when using two strands of Blending Filament, cut double your required length, fold in half, and pass the center (loop) through the eye of the needle and over its point.

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