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Kreinik on costumes in the movies

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Kreinik: embroidery thread to the stars

It may come on any normal, routine day at the Kreinik thread factory: a phone call from a costume company that will get everyone excited and Googling current movies in production. "We're going to be worn by celebrities, again!" We can't help being starstruck when Kreinik threads show up in a movie. From the early days of the company when Jerry and Estelle sold threads to famed costume designer Nudie Cohn, to the present day, Kreinik threads have been on stage and screen.

When a costume designer or costume company calls, they usually can't say what production they're working on due to production confidentiality (we still try to guess). They usually describe a period costume or a certain look they want to reproduce, and we come up with the Kreinik threads that match. The result is stunning embroidery or trim that helps bring a character, mood, and theme to life. 

Metallic threads show up well on stage and screen due to their light-reflecting properties, plus they are modern, easy-to-use materials replacing expensive, heavy real metal trims and embellishments. The most popular Kreinik threads used on costumes tend to be our heavier Braids, our Ribbons, and our 3/8" Trim.  A few hundred meters of Kreinik #8 and #12 Braids appear as the gold embroidery on costumes in Hocus Pocus 2, for instance. And Kreinik 3/8" Wired Trim created dimensional, detailed embroidery in Game Of Thrones (we really stand out on Queen Cersei's robe in one dramatic scene). 

We were excited to work with the talented costume designer Michele Carragher throughout the seasons of Game of Thrones. We even had to rush threads to filming sites a few times. Here you can see some of the costumes: 

Michele's career reflects her love of and talent for detailed embroidery. Michele has used Kreinik threads on costumes in other productions. She shares these photos (below) of gowns in the movie "Queen of the Desert," released in 2015 starring Nicole Kidman. Michele worked on ball gowns and corsages for Nicole's character in the film. See more of Michele's stunning costume and clothing designs here:

It's exciting to work with costume designers, and even more exciting to see the same threads you use for your needlepoint/cross-stitch/embroidery featured on an actor or actress. When you watch movies and episodes where there's embroidery on costumes, see if you can spot any Kreinik threads. 

And if you are a costume designer or work for a production company—from local theatre to Broadway, from opera to movies, from cosplay events to Halloween costumes—you will find a Kreinik thread to make your embroidery and embellishment visions come to life. 

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