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Tent Stitch

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Where to use it:

One of the most basic needlepoint stitches, tent stitch is used on canvas to construct the "fabric" or design. This stitch provides strong coverage on the front and back of your work to make a more durable piece of embroidery. On the front of your work, this stitch is similar to a half-cross stitch used on fabric in cross stitch and counted thread techniques.

Tent stitch is also often used on finer counts of silk gauze, where a full cross stitch would be too bulky.

Continental stitch is similar to Tent Stitch, but it is worked in a different direction or order, resulting in a different look on the back of your work. Continental stitch may distort your canvas, so use a frame and block your work.

What to use: 

You can use many different threads with this stitch. Below is a guide for picking the right Kreinik thread for various counts of needlepoint canvas.

Tent Stitch on 18-count canvas: 

  • four strands of Silk Mori
  • Silk Serica
  • Tapestry #12 Braid metallic

Tent Stitch on 14-count canvas: 

  • six strands of Silk Mori
  • Medium #16 Braid metallic

Tent Stitch on 13-count canvas:

  • Canvas #24 Braid metallic

Tent Stitch on 40-count silk gauze:

  • one strand of Silk Mori
  • one strand of Blending Filament
  • one strand of Silk Bella

How to do it: 

This is a short diagonal stitch covering one mesh intersection of the canvas. Come up at 1, go over one intersection, then down into the canvas at 2.

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