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Mini Silk Gauze Board Games

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Silk Gauze Game Boards
Ideal for dollhouses
Petit Point Designed By Terrie Lyn Nutter

These are easy patterns to follow, but require some construction for finishing. You'll love the result, though: miniature, doll-house sized backgammon and checkers game boards.

Materials for checkers:

  • Kreinik Silk Mori¨ (2.5m) in each: 1116, 8050, 8000
  • 4" x 4" piece of 40-count silk gauze from Kreinik
  • 12 black seed beads, 12 red seed beads

Use one strand of Silk Mori over one thread on the 40-count silk gauze, following the color key. Attach beads with glue as you would in a real game of checkers (all red on one side, all black on the other, every other color block).

To finish: Trim the design to 1/4", turn edges under and secure. You will need to make a frame for the project out of thin pieces of wood, toothpicks, cardboard, or similar. Use your imagination or tools you have at home. Paint the frame or stain a wood color, then glue stitched piece into the frame.

Materials for Backgammon: 

  • Kreinik Silk Mori¨ (2.5m) in each: 4166, 4163, 4167, 7126
  • 3.5" x 5" piece of 40-ct silk gauze
  • 14 white seed beads, 14 green seed beads

Use one strand of Silk Mori over one thread on the 40-ct silk gauze, following the color key. Glue five green beads at point A, two white beads at point B, five white beads at C, two green beads at point D. Stitch the small chart on an extra part of the silk gauze (it is the cup holding the imaginary dice). Trim to within 1/8' and turn edges to back. Fold the ends of this piece to the back, and glue to top of game board.

Downloading Instructions:
Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print this file.

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