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Crazy Quilt Candy Cane Ornament

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Crazy Quilt Candy Cane Ornament
featuring Kreinik holographic threads

Materials needed:
• candy cane template (below)
• scraps of Christmas fabric
• scrap of ribbon
• Kreinik holographic colors, such as 1/16” Ribbon in 029L, Very Fine #4 Braid 008L, Fine #8 Braid 026, 1/8” Ribbon 001L (we used threads in the Make Mine 3-D: Holographic thread set by Kreinik)
• sewing needle
• neutral colored sewing thread
• sewing machine (optional)
• polyester Fiberfill stuffing or similar

  1. Enlarge your candy cane template if desired, or use as is. Trace onto plain paper or cut out of this instruction sheet (add 1/4” on all sides for seam allowance).
  2. Sew scraps of fabric together in a random pattern, either by hand or using your sewing machine, and neutral colored thread. Make the pieced fabric as large as your candy cane. Make two, for front and back. Trim to be the size of your template.
  3. On the front of each fabric piece, embellish the seams using the Kreinik holographic thread in your choice of stitches. Some suggestions:
• Ruche the holographic ribbon by tapping the thread end to separate the strands - take just one of those strands and gently pull it to create a rick-rack effect. Use that same strand to couch or tack down your rick rack on the fabric.
• Do an enlarged cross stitch - big “Xs” across the seam with one of the Kreinik Braids.
• Work a herringbone stitch with one of the Kreinik Braids.
  4. Using a sewing machine or by hand, sew the two candy cane pieces together, right sides facing, leaving an openiing for turning.
  5. Turn right-side out, fill with stuffing, then sew opening closed.
  6. Add an ornament hanger with your needle and a length of 1/8” holographic ribbon, sewing it into the top of the candy cane. Tie your decorative ribbon or scraps of the holographic thread into a bow where the ornament hanger meets your candy cane.

Printing Instructions:
Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print this file.

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