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Stitch Guide For Lee's Crown Painted Canvas

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Crown Pocket Mirror

Stitched by Jeanne Becker for Lee's Needle Art

Lee's Needle Art, a line of needlepoint designs owned by the Colonial Needle company, offers needlepoint painted canvases AND the leather goods for finishing your projects. Here we feature one of Lee's designs, crown image brought to sparkling life with Kreinik metallic threads and a hot-fix crystal. The project is small so it stitches up quickly and makes a great gift or personal accessory. This stitch guide is by Jeanne Becker.

Materials needed:

  • Lee's Needle Art canvas BJ114
  • Kreinik Fine #8 Braid color 002HL Gold Hi Lustre (1 spool), 033L Royal Blast (3 spools), 5555 Oyster (1 spool), 003 Red (1 spool), 012L Lavendartric (1 spool) (this color has been discontinued, use 012 Purple), 026L Punchy Purple (1 spool) (this color has been discontinued, use 026 Amethyst), 032 Pearl (1 spool), 033 Royal Blue (1 spool), 051HL Sapphire High Lustre (1 spool)
  • Kreinik 1/8" Ribbon color 009 Emerald (1 spool)
  • Kreinik 1/16" Ribbon color 032 Pearl (1 spool)
  • Lee's Needle Art BAG06AM hand mirror case (color maroon)
  • 5mm hot-fix crystal embellishment - color "crystal" OR flat-backed crystal from a craft store


1. Purchase the painted canvas from your local needlepoint store or online store.

2. Stitch following the guide below.


BACKGROUND: Color 033L Royal Blast in basketweave stitch

CROWN: Color 002HL Gold High Lustre in half cross stitch. Colors 012 Purple and 026 Amethyst in basketweave stitch. All other colors in half cross stitch to match the painted canvas.


Block canvas if necessary to restore shape.

1. Cut off excess selvage, leaving 2 canvas threads.

2. Carefully remove the paper from the cut-off portion of the mirror case, leaving the sticky layer in place. Place the stitched needlepoint into the sticky layer. Make the fine adjustments if necessary and glue down edge of the opening to the needlepoint selvage. A plastic knife or popsicle stick is a handy way to apply the glue. Just don't apply too much glue.

3. Attach the hot-fix embellishments to the center top of the crown according to the directions on the applicator.

Lee's Needle Art canvases and leather goods are available in needlework stores. 

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