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FBSG5/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Patty Paints Needlepoint Pumpkin
FBSG1/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Spinning Dreidel Painted Canvas
FBSG2/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Quilt Block Menorah Painted Canvas
FBSG3/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Traditional Menorah Painted Canvas
FBSG7/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Lee's Snowflake Ornament
FBSG8/NotEligibleForShipping Thread selection for Lee Squiggles painted canvas
FBSG10/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Lee's Floral Wallet painted canvas
FBSG4/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Burning Bright Menorah painted canvas
FBSG9/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide For Lee's Crown Painted Canvas
FBSG11/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Lee's Flower and Flamingos Painted Canvas
FBSG6/NotEligibleForShipping Stitch Guide for Kathy Schenkel Bunny Ornament