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Location: New Jersey

Fusible Fibers Flower Pillow

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We found this readymade felt flower pillow at a Home Goods store, but it was plain, lacking any embellishment. We had the perfect solution: quick and easy iron-on thread.

Materials needed:

  • purchased pillow to decorate
  • Kreinik Iron-on Ribbon in a mix of colors
  • Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth
  • Mini iron, craft iron, or home iron
  • Yellow foam circles (optional)
  • Kreinik Treasure Tape™
  • small piece of fabric (we used a piece of yellow cotton fabric cut into a circle shape the size of our flower center)


  1. Attach the Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth to the plate of your cool iron. This will keep the adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron.
  2. Turn your iron on to the highest heat setting and let it heat thoroughly.
  3. Have an idea as to how big you want your iron-on embellishment piece. Cut your fabric piece slightly larger than this size; this piece will serve as the background fabric on which you will iron the threads.
  4. Cut short-length pieces of iron-on threads and lay on the fabric piece in a random order. Press with your hot iron for a few seconds until the thread adheres. Continue pressing all threads this way until they are secure.
  5. Lay Treasure Tape on the back of your embellished piece, peel back the red liner to expose the sticky area. Trim design as desired, then attach to your pillow in desired location.
  6. If desired: Using Treasure Tape, adhere foam discs to design in desired places.
  7. Optional: embellish other areas of the pillow with remaining Iron-on Threads. We picked out the green colors from the bag of bits and ironed them onto the petals of the flower.

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