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Location: Denver, Colorado

Ornament Gift Bag

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Designed by: Amy Law, Skill Level: For all

Combine your creative talent with paper scraps to make festive gift bags this season. People will be amazed at the boutique-quality packaging. The magical embellishment is the iron-on thread, which makes decorating fast and easy.

Materials used in our model: 

  • Medium Size paper gift bag
  • Red cardstock
  • Red, gold, and white paper scraps
  • Kreinik Iron-On Threads: 6230 Burnished Gold #16 Braid, 6136 Peppermint 1/8" Ribbon
  • mini craft iron or household iron
  • Kreinik Teflon Press Cloth or Adhesive Press Cloth
  • Treasure Tape

Note: if your iron is not Teflon-coated, you will want to use a press cloth between the thread and the iron, or apply a Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth to your iron (several sizes are available). Apply the Adhesive Press Cloth while your iron is cool and unplugged.


1. First turn on your iron to it's highest setting and allow it to heat up. Cut five 3-4" circles from your red cardstock (you can trace the bottom of a jar as a guide.) These will be your ornament bases. Cut 5 small squares of gold paper for your ornament tops.

2. Using your paper scraps, make stripes or patchwork designs on each of your ornaments. Leave some of your red cardstock showing if desired. Glue your designs in place and trim the scraps to the edge of each circle base.

3. Using your iron, embellish your ornaments with Peppermint ribbon. Lay the thread at a starting point, cover with the Teflon press cloth, then press for several seconds until the thread adheres. Continue working this way until your design is complete. Outline your stripes or create criss-cross and swirl patterns.

4. When finished, use the Treasure Tape to place your ornaments and ornament tops on the bag.

5. Finish your design with your Burnished Gold braid. "String" the ornaments together by ironing your braid between them.