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Fast Festive Christmas Stocking

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This quick project is an example of a perfect match: a quilt stencil + iron-on metallic thread. Simply use the stencil, like this tree pattern, as a guide for placing the thread. Add dollar-store mini ornaments for more variety, and you have a charming, whimsical stocking to hang this season. Add personal buttons or mementos if desired to make it even more special.

Materials needed:

  • plain red stocking from a discount store
  • quilt stencil of a tree shape
  • Kreinik Iron-on 1/8" Ribbon in 6300 Meadow
  • Kreinik Iron-on Medium #16 Braid in 6356 Rain Forest, 6130 Red, and 6020 Silver
  • Mini Craft Iron or home iron
  • Kreinik Adhesive Press Cloth (small size to fit a mini iron, or large for a home iron)
  • Mini ornaments (like from Michaels, Joanns, or other craft store)
  • red sewing thread
  • fabric pen


  1. If your iron isn't coated with a non-stick surface, you will want to put the Adhesive Press Cloth on the plate. This keeps the heat-activated adhesive in the thread from sticking to your iron. When your iron is cool, simply peel the backer off the Adhesive Press Cloth and lay it flat on the plate of the iron.
  2. Turn your iron on to high heat and let it heat thoroughly.
  3. Using your quilt stencil and fabric pen, mark the lines of the tree in the desired place on your stocking.
  4. Iron the Medium #16 Braid 6356 Rain Forest green for the tree trunk. To iron the thread: lay the iron-on 1/8" Ribbon at a starting point on your stenciled lines, and press with the hot iron for several seconds until the thread adheres. Continue working your design this way, following the lines of your stencil pattern, until the design section is complete. Iron the 1/8" Ribbon 6300 Meadow green on the tree in the same way, following the lines on your stenciled pattern.
  5. Sew on mini ornaments with red thread as desired. Option: cut 5" pieces of the 6020 Silver Medium #16 Braid and tie in a bow around some of the ornaments (like we did with the candy canes). Then iron the Braid onto the tree, pressing around the ornaments so that the silver thread adheres and anchors the ornaments onto the stocking.
  6. Personalize the project by adding a person's name along the white band using the Medium #16 Braid iron-on thread in 6130 Red. Either "write" freehand, or use a computer font as a guide.