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Silk Fan Brooch Pattern

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Designed by Kathleen Power Johnson

Silk Serica is a 3-ply, twisted filament silk with a magnificent, rich sheen. It is soft and luxurious to the touch, and it makes an excellent crochet thread for creating elegant accents and heirloom jewelry. 

Use a non-greasy hand creme to keep the silk from snagging on rough spots.


  • 1 reel of Silk Serica in these colors: 4166 Dark Victorian Green, 4043 Light Teal, 7014 Medium Lead Grey
  •  Size 9 (1.25mm) steel crochet hook 
  • 3” x 4” piece of coordinating non-woven backing material (felt, synthetic suede, or leather) 
  • 1 pin back 
  • sewing thread & needle


See "Abbreviations & Definitions" at the end of the page.

  • Using color 4166, ch 8, join in ring with sl st. Ch 1, work 12 sc over ring, join with sl st to ch 1.
  • Row 1: Ch2, hdc8. Turn.
  • Row 2: (RSR) Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc), ch 1, sk 1 st, V-st across row, ending dc in tc (4 Vsts). Turn.
  • Row 3: Join color 4043: Ch1, sc in each dc and in each ch space (17 sts). Turn.
  • Row 4: Ch3, work bobble in first st, ch2, sk 1 st, (bobble, ch2, sk 1) across row ending dc in tc. Turn.
  • Row 5: (Ch5, sc in each ch2 space) across, end ch5, sc in tc. Turn.
  • Row 6: Join color 7014. Ch 3, (sc in ch loop, ch5) across row (7 loops), ch3, dc in last loop. Turn.
  • Row 7: Ch5, sc in 1st loop, (ch5, sc in sc, ch5, sc in loop) across row, ending ch3, dc in last loop. Fasten off.
  • To Finish: Sew pin back onto wrong side just below ring. Cut backing material slightly smaller than the solid portion of the fan. Cut an opening in the middle slightly larger than pin finding. Position over pin back, trim if necessary and sew in place. Hint: To accentuate ruffle, pull downward on each ch5 loop of last row.

Abbreviations & Definitions

  • ch chain
  • St, sts Stitch, stitches
  • sl st slip stitch
  • sc single crochet
  • hdc half double crochet
  • dc double crochet
  • tr triple crochet
  • tc turning chain
  • RSR right side row
  • V-st (dc, ch 1, dc, ch1)
  • Bobblework 4 dc into same st, retaining one loop from each, yo, pull through all loops) yo yarn over hook sk skip a stitch

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