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Ornamental Crocheted Scarf

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We found these inexpensive animal ornaments at Target, but they were calling out for some personality. The answer: crochet a mini metallic scarf. It just takes minutes, and adds so much fun to the ornament. 

Materials needed:

  • purchased animal ornament
  • Kreinik Medium #16 Braid in desired colors (we used 015 Chartreuse for the sheep, and 002 Gold for the deer)
  • Crochet hook, small to medium sized depending on the size you want your scarf
  • Optional: lightweight yarn in red or white*


* For the sheep, we combined a red/white cotton yarn with the 015 Chartreuse Medium Braid

For the deer, we used the Medium Braid by itself


Chain at least 40 with your Braid or yarn combination. You may need to make the length shorter or longer depending on the size of your ornament.

Turn, skip 2, double crochet along the chain. Tie off. 

If desired, use remaining thread to make a tassel at the ends. Tie around the neck of your animal ornament.

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