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Beaded Earring Box

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Of course, you don’t have to use this cute little box as an earring holder—it can hold any treasure, or act as a gift box. It just takes minutes to do, but looks like you bought it in a trendy boutique!

Materials needed:
• round tin box from a craft store
• 1-inch Treasure Tape™ roll
• 1/4-inch Treasure Tape™ roll
• Diamond Beadlets®
• Kreinik #12 Braid 032 Pearl and 092 Star Pink
• flat-backed sequins or cabochons
• decorative satin ribbon to fit around the rim of your tin box
• shallow pan or tray


  1. Cover entire top of the tin box with the 1-inch Treasure Tape.
  2. Peel back red liner to expose sticky part, and place cabochons randomly on the lid.
  3. Using the colors of #12 Braid, decorate tin lid with thread. Follow the photograph as a guide, or make your own pattern.
  4. Lay the lid in a shallow pan or tray, cover the sticky areas with Diamond Beadlets®.
  5. Put lid back onto your container.
  6. In the space below the lid and the bottom of the tin, wrap 1/4” Treasure Tape around, using more than one strip if needed to fill in the space with the tape.
  7. Remove red liner to expose sticky tape, and lay your decorative ribbon on the tape, pressing to make sure it sticks well. Tie ends into a bow.

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