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Micro Ice Chenille

Micro Ice Chenille

Fuzzy metallic ideal for bodies. Smaller than regular Ice Chenille.

Please note: We are moving from West Virginia to California, and right now no threads are being made. Any order placed on this site may take six weeks to get to you.

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  • Micro-Ice Chenille for fly tying

    Kreinik’s Micro Ice Chenille is a light-reflecting, crystal-type chenille. It is one-half the size of regular ice chenille and can be used as a body wrap on small hooks. Available on 3-meter spools or 50-meter cones.

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  • Large Fly Tying Bobbin

    Bobbin to hold Kreinik's large black spools. Threads not included. 

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  • How to use Micro Ice Chenille

    Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille is the perfect metallic chenille for bodies on any size lure. Wrap once, twice, or as many times as desired. Combine it with Kreinik Braids, Ribbons and Flash for the most effective fly fishing lures you'll ever use. Experiment and have fun with this fiber.

    Watch fly tyer Val Roberts using Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille (the pink) and Kreinik Flash (the red) to make a body on this scud-like fly. In addition to the metallic shimmer and fuzzy texture, the pink chenille has some UV properties.

    Here Val uses Micro Ice Chenille to replicate a catepillar:

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  • Micro Ice Woolly Bugger Pattern

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    Replace peacock herl with Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille. Our peacock color is known as Peacock Herl on steroids.

    Materials Needed & Instructions:

    • 6/0 thread - Black
    • 3x streamer hook
    • Gold Bead 1/8 - 5/32
    • Black marabou
    • Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille (Peackock or any other color)
    • Kreinik Flash In A Tube 006HL – Blue Hi Lustre
    • Grizzly saddle hackle

      1.)  Place the bead on your hook.  You may need to crimp down the barb of the hook. Tie on your thread and wrap all the way to the curve of the hook.

      2.)  Measure a piece of Marabou about the same length as the shaft of the hook. Use a pinch wrap to tie on the marabou. This forms the tail. Trim off the excess. Tie in 4-8 strands of the Kreinik Flash In A Tube around the tail, and trim them to the same size as the tail.

      3.)  Tie the Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille & a saddle hackle feather at the tail. Tightly wrap the chenille (not the hackle) forward to a point just behind the hook eye. Tie off the braid, and trim the excess.

      4.)  Wrap the hackle forward, and secure it at the head. Trim the excess, and add a whip finish to the fly.

    Fishing These Flies:
    The great thing about Woolly Buggers is that there is no wrong way to fish this fly. Add some weight to the fly or use a sink tip line to get you fly down deep and dead drift it. Use the same technique and strip it. Add even more weight to your tippet and bounce it along the bottom. Try an un-weighted version to fish along the surface and strip the fly in. This fly simply produces whether you are fishing the smallest mountain stream, large impoundments even in saltwater.

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  • Green Butt Skunk Pattern

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    Green Butt Skunk

    Modified by Ray Larsen

    Materials Needed: 

    • Hook: Salmon #2 - #8
    • Thread: 6/0 - Black
    • Wing: White Calf Tail
    • Tail: 10 strands of Kreinik Flash In A Tube™ in (#054F) Glow In The Dark Yellow, or (053F) Glow In The Dark Green 
    • Butt: 1 strand of Kreinik Flash In A Tube™ in (#054F) Glow In The Dark Yellow, or (053F) Glow In The Dark Green
    • Body: Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille - (#005) Black 
    • Throat: 3-4 turns of folded black saddle hackle

    Tying Directions: 

    1. Start at the tail. Tie in about 10 strands of Kreinik flash so that they extend about 1" past the bend of the hook.
    2. After tying off the tail material, wrap over the tailing material with the single strand of Kreinik flash to form the butt. After about 7 or 8 wraps, tie off flash.
    3. Wrap you thread forward to a point about 1/4" from the eye of the hook. To form the body of the fly tie in the Micro Ice Chenille and wrap the chenille rearward, and then wrap back forward and tie off at the same point where you tied it in.
    4. To form the throat hackle, tie in a saddle hackle, and make two wraps.
    5. To form the wing, tie in a clump of calf tail on top of the hook at the same point as the Micro Ice Chenille so that the calf tail extends about 1/2" past the bend of the hook.
    6. To finish, tie off the calf tail, and build up a neat head with your tying thread, and coat with head cement.
    7. Editor's Notes: Ray Larson is a guide from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Most green butt skunk patterns have a silver tinsel rib, but Ray says that the black Micro Ice Chenille is so shiny, the ribbing is not necessary.
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  • Fly Tying Materials Color Card

    The Kreinik Fly Tying Materials Color Card is a must at your tying bench for creating realistic, vibrant lures. Actual thread swatches show the true colors of Kreinik fly fishing fibers. Makes planning patterns and ordering materials easier.

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