Selected vendor: Flymasters of Indianapolis
Ribbons and Flat Braids

Ribbons and Flat Braids

Flat materials in 200+ metallic, holographic, and fluorescent colors. Ideal for bodies. Fray the ends for wings and tails. Versatile fibers for all kinds of lures.

Please note: We are moving from West Virginia to California, and right now no threads are being made. Any order placed on this site may take six weeks to get to you.

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CHEVRIB4503 Chevron Flat Braid (1/16" Ribbon)
  • $6.55
R16000110S-636e99fba78098.638939 1/16" Flat Braid (Ribbon) for fly tying
  • $6.55
R8050055-O-636e9b4e0aa362.333943 1/8" Flat Braid (Ribbon) for fly tying
  • $4.60
QuarRib001HL-636e9d4bee4190.2066 1/4" Flat Braid (Ribbon) for fly tying
  • $6.10
B018032B2-638662fd3265e5.3321329 Easter Grass for fly tying
  • $5.50
KMBCC Kreinik Metallic Braids Color Card
  • $43.45
FF05/NotEligibleForShipping Steeves’ Firefly Pattern
FF01/NotEligibleForShipping Long Bridge Sally Pattern
freefly_06/NotEligibleForShippin Sinking Japanese Beetle Pattern