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Flash 1/69" Supported

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Flash is a strong synthetic metallic for adding movement and shine to flies of all sizes. Static free and less slippery than other brands. Supported means it has a nylon supporting thread for extra body. 

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Kreinik Flash is a synthetic metallic "tinsel" for adding sparkle and light reflection to the tails and wings of many flies. Kreinik Flash is unaffected by saltwater or epoxy finishes, yet is flexible enough to be mixed with marabou, enhancing its action in the water.

It is the one and only metallic fiber to use on the sub-surface Kreelex Fly. Add Flash to the tails of woolly buggers, bass bugs, poppers, eels, and leech patterns. Mix Flash with bucktail in streamers. Single strands can be used as ribbing on nymphs and wet flies. Perfect in popular dry fly patterns. The white glow-in-the-dark can be used as a substitute for calftail in a Royal Trude, or as the wing post in a Parachute Adams. It’s like having a built-in strike indicator.

  • Colors ending in a "V" such as 001V have a matte, less reflective finish. Colors ending in a "HL" such as 001HL are hi-lustre and very shiny. Colors ending in a "L" such as 001L are holographic. Colors ending in "UV" are ultra-violet. Colors ending in "F" are glow-in-the-dark.
  • Small Flash-In-A-Tube: 12 inches long, 250 strands in a clear plastic tube for ease in cutting and storing
  • Mid-size Flash-In-A-Tube: 9.75 inches long,  1000 strands in a clear plastic tube for ease in cutting and storing
  • Bulk Flash: 1-meter long, either 1000 strands or 5000 strands
  • Size (width) is 1/69"
  • Supported means it has a nylon supporting thread for extra body

(Above) Get inspired to make your next fly fishing lure with one of these prismatic colors. They are the holographic color line of Kreinik Flash. Shown in bulk skeins for fly fishing lure manufacturers, they also come in Flash In A Tube skeins for your fly tying bench at home or camp.

How-To Videos

The original Kreelex fly, created by Chuck Kraft. Video from Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Daved Gamet of Dakota Angler & Outfitter tying the Kreelex with silver and gold Flash

Would this product be useful in your business (ie, manufacturing, teaching, retail)? If so, you could benefit from bulk quantities at wholesale pricing. To open a wholesale account, we require a copy of your business license on file. Send a copy along with your business name and contact info to: 

  • Kreinik Customer Service Department, 1708 Gihon Road, Parkersburg, WV 26101 USA
  • or fax it to 304-428-4326
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  • Ted V.
    Jul 14, 2023, 10:35
    Striped bass in the Ohio River are fools for streamers tied with the Kreinik flash. The UV varieties are especially effective for them.
  • Susan Sm.
    Jan 31, 2023, 17:32
    Great for flash on pretty much everything from pike flies to size 16 dry flies.  The glow in the dark works great as buzzer cheeks, on ice fishing jigs and deep water streamers.  Use the Gunmetal colors and others for chironomid bodies. Can also be used to wrap bodies for Perdigons and other tinsel bodied flies. You can substitute a lot of materials out with this flash such as making tags with the flash instead of wool.

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