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Uses & Care for Kreinik Cord

Uses & Care for Kreinik Cord

Appliqué (machine), blackwork, costumes, crazy quilting (hand and machine), crewel, cross stitch, doll making (by hand and machine), machine embroidery/bobbin work, machine embroidery/in the needle, miniatures, needlepoint/canvas work, punch embroidery, quilting (hand and machine), ribbon embroidery (hand and machine), smocking, stumpwork.

Hand Embroidery
Cord has a rich metallic color that brings definition to designs. This single-strand thread is ideal for outlining on fabric. When backstitched around a motif, for example, the thin, clean line 'lifts' the element off the fabric and thus creates a sense of dimension. It is also excellent for blackwork-style stitchery, 'lacy' effects, and openwork on fabric. You can also use a single strand of Cord to overstitch areas on fabric or canvas, bringing exacting definition or light-play to designs. The thin and strong qualities of Cord also make it ideal for couching thicker Kreinik Braids and Ribbons.

Match colors of Cord to the thread you are couching to remain invisible, or use a different color to create interesting contrasts. If you enjoy creating the look of gold work, use gold (or silver) colors of Cord to couch real metal threads or corded braids and ribbons.

Machine Embroidery
Cord is a strong thread ideal for professional quilting machines or personal sewing machines, whether used in the needle, in the bobbin, or for couching a heavier thread type.

Tips on using Kreinik Cord in a sewing machine:
a. When using Cord in the needle of a sewing machine for fine stitching or couching a heavier thread, use a Metalfil needle, and experiment with thread set-ups and tension settings. You may need to loosen the top tension; practice until you get a combination that works with your machine, stitches, and fabric choice. Use an off-machine or vertical spool set-up. Also, Sewers Aid lubricant may help if you're having difficulty.

b. When using Cord in the bobbin, you may need to loosen the bobbin tension from normal; experiment until you get a set-up that works with your machine and your fabric.

Kreinik Cord is hand or machine washable and dry cleanable. Cool water is recommended. Do not use bleach. It can also be tumble-dried on low setting. When ironing a finished piece containing Kreinik Cord, do not iron directly on the thread; use a cloth, and do not use steam.

Tips on using Kreinik Cord in hand work:
Cord comes on a snap-spool mechanism. Both sides of the spool open, so look for the side where the thread end is located. Insert your thumbnail under the cap, and rotate the spool while gently lifting the cap to release the thread (the cap should not pop off). Snap the lid shut to secure the unused portion.

Use short lengths of thread-about 45cm (18 inches) or less-for greater control (less knotting!) and to avoid excessive abrasion on the thread from repeated passes through the ground fabric or canvas.

Stitch slowly with Cord to achieve more control and insure uniformity in stitching.

Let your needle hang frequently to let the thread untwist if you have recurring problems with tangling and knotting.

Threading Technique for Cord
Use the blending filament threading technique to thread Cord onto your needle. Click here to see how.

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