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Kreinik Ombre in Needlepoint Kreinik Ombre in Knitting 1 Kreinik Ombre in Knitting 2 Kreinik Ombre in Knitting 3 Kreinik Ombre in Knitting 4 Kreinik Ombre in Counted Thread Kreinik Ombre Machine Couching Kreinik Ombre in Bobbinwork 1 Kreinik Ombre in Bobbinwork 2 Kreinik Ombre in Bobbinwork 3 Kreinik Ombre in Bobbinwork 4 Kreinik Ombre in Bobbinwork 5

Kreinik Ombre is an 8-ply, softly twisted metallic thread. It is available in nine variegated colors as well as solid gold, silver, and pearl to add a fuzzy texture to Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Knitting (makes a great companion to use with your favorite yarns) & Machine Embroidery. Scroll down to view the Ombre color chart and to order for your next project. Available on 15 meter (17 yard) spools.

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PLEASE NOTE: Kreinik does not sell direct to the public, so all orders received on this website will have payment collected and fulfilled by independent retailers. Due to the pandemic plus high demand, it may take 10 weeks to get an order to you. We are facing unprecedented production, supply and staffing issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, and shipping services all over the United States are seeing delivery delays. We appreciate your patience and are working to improve the situation every day.

Weight 0.10 .ozs
Our price: $3.25
1000 - Solid Silver 1100 - Misty Lime 1200 - Misty Apricot
B011000O15S B011100O15S B011200O15S
1300 - Misty Violet 1500 - Misty Rainbow 1600 - Misty Lavender
B011300O15S B011500O15S B011600O15S
1700 - Misty Gold 1800 - Misty Sunrise 1900 - Misty Sunset
B011700O15S B011800O15S B011900O15S
2000 - Solid Gold 2100 - Solid Copper 3200 - Solid Pearl
B012000O15S B021000O15S B013200O15S