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Little Stars Frame

Little Stars Frame

Little Stars Frame

Designed by Catherine Reurs
 Design Size: 69w x 84h

Pure silk threads have been used in samplers for centuries. Enjoy the smooth stitching and unparalleled lustre of the two types of silks used in this design:the creamy spun Silk Mori® and the luminous filament Silk Serica®. Together, they create deep, rich colors and luminous textures as in this beautifulsampler.

Materials needed:
• Kreinik Medium (#16) Braid™ in these colors: 027, 051HL, 9100, 051F, 052F
• Anchor Cotton Embroidery Floss color 127 (several skeins)
• #22 Tapestry Needle
• White 14-ct Zweigart Interlock Canvas, approx 11" x 11"
• Stretcher bars with tacks

Stitching & Finishing Instructions:
Cover the raw edges of your canvas with tape to
protect the thread from catching on the rough edges, then mount the canvason stretcher bars. Use tent stitch throughout this design. Use 6 strandsof cotton floss to fill the background (use 7 strands for fuller coverage).Then stitch the remaining areas using 1 stand of Medium (#16) Braid accordingto the color key.

This project should be mounted and finished as a picture frame. You may wishto have this project professionally finished; check your local needlecraftshop for a resource.

Stitching Tips
1. Use short lengths of thread—about 18 inches—to avoid excessive abrasionon the thread from repeated passes through the fabric. Shorter lengths willalso give you more control over the thread, which reduces tangling.
 2. Try ‘stroking’ the thread before threading the needle—using heatand moisture from your own hand after rubbing your hands together, or usinga slightly damp sponge—to relax the thread and thus reduce twisting and knotting.
 3. Use an even amount of tension as you stitch to avoid distortingthe canvas. Lay the strands of cotton floss neatly for ideal coverage.
 4. Let the needle hang frequently as you stitch so the thread can untwist.The way we twist the needle as we stitch, combined with the twist of thethread—or threads—often leads to frustrating knots. It is good to get intothe habit of letting your needle dangle after every one or two stitches toreturn the thread to its natural twist.
 5. For a quick-and-easy, take-anywhere threading technique, cut a smallstrip of paper and fold in half. Place the fold through the eye of the needleand open the two ends to insert the thread in between. Gently pull the paperthrough so the thread is brought with it.
 6. Kreinik’s Medium (#16) Braid uses a lock-flange mechanism. The thread"locks’ in the groove around the top of the spool. Pull the thread to releaseand cut the required length. Wrap the thread around the top to secure theunused portion.

Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the FREE program Adobe Reader to view and print thisfile. If you have trouble downloading this file and would like us tosend you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Little Stars Frame, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.