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Halloween Beaded House

Halloween Beaded House
Halloween Beaded House
Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed:
• Wooden birdhouse
• Acrylic Craft Paint in black, white, & Pumpkin orange
• Orange cabochons
• Treasure It Diamond Beadlets
• Two - 4" x 6" Sheets of Treasure Tape
• Orange Cabochons
• 1/8" Iron On Ribbon in 6090
• Mini Iron
• Teflon Press Cloth
• Facets in Black
• Mrs. K’s Dimensional Thread:#16 Braid 150V, 051F, #8 Braid 152V

1. Paint your house first. You can use a ruler to make a line around the middle of the house on all four sides, three inches from the base, as a guide. Paint the top half of your house white and the bottom half orange. Then paint the roof and base of your house black. Paint the perch and interior of the opening black as well. Once the paint has dried, detail the roof edges with orange. Apply some orange paint to your brush and lightly brushing across the edges of the roof.

2. When your paint has dried completely, begin applying your tape. Cut your 4x6 sheets in half. Peel back one corner of the white liner on one piece and center it over the back of your house, so that the bottom edge of the tape sits along the base of the house. Press down the exposed corner to hold the tape in place, then peel the rest of the white liner away and smooth down the remaining tape. Trim any excess tape from the edges of the house. Repeat this process on the two sides of the house. For the front, measure where the perch is located and then cut down the center of your last piece of tape to that spot. cut a small hole for the perch. Apply the tape to your house as you did the others. Use your fingers to smooth out any air pockets. You are ready to embellish.

3. It is easier if you begin with the iron-on design. Using the 005, iron your thread in stripes along the white part of your house. Begin in the center and work your way out. When you have finished with your stripes, you are ready to work on the tape.

4. Peel the red liner back from your tape on one side. Push your orange cabochons into the tape along the base of the house, evenly spaced. With your thread, start at the base of the house and make large curlicues. (We started with one color first, and then followed those curls with the second color.)When you have finished embellishing that side, replace the red liner if possible and press to secure your threads firmly. Move to the next side and repeat the embellishment process.

5. When you have finished all four sides of your birdhouse, remove the red liner from each side. Beginning in the back, outline the top edge of your tape with the Facets. Trim the end and press them firmly into the tape.

6. Place your birdhouse in a shallow pan and pour Beadlets over the exposed tape. Swirl with your fingers to cover fully. Tap the house to remove excess beadlets.

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